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This is a list of all Monsters found in the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Read on for information on all Monsters' stats, dropped loot and items, weaknesses, difficulty level, and more.

List of Normal Monsters

Throughout the world of The Witcher 3, Geralt will encounter foes both monstrous in form, and those appearing as simple humans, who can often be found to be more monstrous by far.

Geralt carries two kinds of swords for handling each; a Silver sword for monsters, and a Steel sword for humans and humanoid (nonhuman) foes.

An easier way to determine which sword to use is to look at their health bar. A Red health bar requires a Steel Sword and a Silver health bar requires a Silver Sword.


Beasts are best fought with a Silver sword coated in Beast Oil.

Alpha Wolf Alpha Wolf
Bear Bear
Dog Dog
Grizzly Bear Grizzly Bear
Panther Panther
White Bear White Bear
White Wolf White Wolf
Wild Boar Wild Boar
Wild Dog Wild Dog
Wolf Wolf

Cursed Ones

Cursed Ones are best fought with a Silver sword coated in Cursed Oil.

Archespore Archespore
Bear Berserker Bear Berserker
Botchling Botchling
Ulfhedinn Ulfhedinn
Werewolf Werewolf


Draconids are best fought with a Silver sword coated in Draconid Oil.

Basilisk Basilisk
Cockatrice Cockatrice
Forktail Forktail
Matriarch Matriarch
Slyzard Slyzard
Wyvern Wyvern


Elementa are best fought with a Silver sword coated in Elementa Oil.

Djinn Djinn
Earth Elemental Earth Elemental
Fire Elemental Fire Elemental
Gargoyle Gargoyle
Golem Golem
Hounds of the Wild Hunt Hounds of the Wild Hunt
Ice Elemental Ice Elemental
Moreau Moreau's Golem
Pixie Pixie


Humanoids are best fought with a Steel sword coated in Hanged Man's Venom.

Humans and Nonhumans Humans and Nonhumans
The Wild Hunt The Wild Hunt


Hybrids are best fought with a Silver sword coated in Hybrid Oil.

Archgriffin Archgriffin
Ekhidna Ekhidna
Erynia Erynia
Griffin Griffin
Harpy Harpy
Lamia Lamia
Siren Siren
Succubus Succubus


Insectoids are best fought with a Silver sword coated in Insectoid Oil.

Arachas Arachas
Arachnomorph Arachnomorph
Arachnomorph Colossus Arachnomorph Colossus
Armored Arachas Armored Arachas
Endrega Drone Endrega Drone
Endrega Warrior Endrega Warrior
Endrega Worker Endrega Worker
Giant Centipede Giant Centipede
Kikimore Warrior Kikimore Warrior
Kikimore Worker Kikimore Worker
Pale Widow Pale Widow
Venomous Arachas Venomous Arachas


Ogroids are best fought with a Silver sword coated in Ogroid Oil.

Cloud Giant Cloud Giant
Cyclops Cyclops
Giant Giant
Golyat Giant Golyat Giant
Ice Giant Ice Giant
Ice Troll Ice Troll
Nekker Nekker
Nekker Warrior Nekker Warrior
Rock Troll Rock Troll


Necrophages are best fought with a Silver sword coated in Necrophage Oil.

Alghoul Alghoul
Devourer Devourer
Drowned Dead Drowned Dead
Drowner Drowner
Foglet Foglet
Ghoul Ghoul
Grave Hag Grave Hag
Rotfiend Rotfiend
Scurver Scurver
Spotted Wight Spotted Wight
Tangalore Tangalore
Water Hag Water Hag


Relicts are best fought with a Silver sword coated in Relict Oil.

Ancient Leshen Ancient Leshen
Chort Chort
Doppler Doppler
Fiend Fiend
Godling Godling
Leshen Leshen
Shaelmaar Shaelmaar
Spriggan Spriggan
Sylvan Sylvan


Specters are best fought with a Silver sword coated in Specter Oil.

Barghest Barghest
Beann Beann'shie
Hym Hym
Nightwraith Nightwraith
Noonwraith Noonwraith
Plague Maiden Plague Maiden
Umbra Umbra
Wraith Wraith


Vampires are best fought with a Silver sword coated in Vampire Oil.

Alp Alp
Alpha Garkain Alpha Garkain
Bruxa Bruxa
Ekimmara Ekimmara
Fleder Fleder
Garkain Garkain
Higher Vampire Higher Vampire
Katakan Katakan
Protofleder Protofleder
The Bruxa of Corvo Bianco The Bruxa of Corvo Bianco

List of Boss Monsters

Witcher 3 Base Game

Brewess Brewess
Weavess Weavess
Whispess Whispess
Nithral Nithral
Imlerith Imlerith
Caranthir Caranthir
Eredin Eredin

Hearts of Stone

The Toad Prince The Toad Prince
Ofieri Mage Ofieri Mage
Olgierd Von Everec Olgierd Von Everec
The Caretaker The Caretaker
The Wraith from the Painting The Wraith from the Painting
Ethereal (Iris Ethereal (Iris' Greatest Fear)

Blood and Wine

Sir Gregoire de Gorgon Sir Gregoire de Gorgon
The Beast of Beauclair The Beast of Beauclair
The Hermit of Lac Celavy The Hermit of Lac Celavy
Witch Witch
Longlocks Longlocks
Three Little Pigs Three Little Pigs
Big Bad Wolf Big Bad Wolf
Dettlaff Van Der Eretein Dettlaff Van Der Eretein

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