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List of Craftable Items

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This is a list of items which can be created through Crafting in the game The Witcher 3. Read on for information about how to craft these items and the diagrams required.

What is Crafting?

Basic Explanation of Crafting

Crafting is a process by which Geralt can create powerful equipment, such as Weapons and Armor, as well as upgrades to his equipment such as Runestones and Glyphs. Unlike Alchemy, Geralt cannot craft these items on his own, but must enlist the help of a skilled craftsman.

How to make Craftable Items

In order to brew an Alchemy Item, Geralt will need an item called a Diagram to learn the necessary ingredients. Then, he will need to collect the required ingredients, either by finding them in nature, looting, or buying them from a shopkeeper. Then, he must locate a craftsman with the skills and job description required to craft the item, as listed in the Craftsman Requirements section for the given item on the Crafting tab in the menu.

How to Equip Runestones and Glyphs

Runestones and Glyphs are items used to power up weapons and armor, respectively.

Once attached to a piece of equipment, Runestones and Glyphs cannot be removed without paying a craftsman to either Dismantle the equipment to recover the parts, or to Remove the Upgrade, which destroys the Runestone or Glyph in the process.

How to Equip Runewords and Glyphwords

These items, introduced in the Hearts of Stone DLC, are used in place of Runestones and Glyphs. They are only equippable on weapons and armor with three slots, and will replace any already-equipped Runestones or Glyphs, destroying them in the process.

List of Craftable Items

Crafting Components

Name Price Rarity
Corkscrew 26
Fake teeth 3
Bottle caps 2
Magic gold 26
Fourleaf clover 26
Magic dust 26
Magic mirror shard 26
Skeletal ashes 26
Teapot 26
Expensive toys 26
Gingerbread man 26
Corkscrew 26
Fake teeth 3
Bottle caps 2
Touissant knife 26
Copper chain 60
Cupronickel pickaxe head 52
Cupronickel axe head 39
Copper candelabra 4
Copper salt pepper shaker 2
Hotel silver goblet 26
Hotel silver breadknife 13
Broken Meteorite Pickaxe 100
Dull meteorite axe 72
Peacock feather 6
Amber fragment 150
Old bear hide 80 Common
White wolf hide 64 Common
Wolf hide 48 Common
White bear hide 146 Common
Bear hide 130 Common
Fox hide 32 Common
Rabbit pelt 16 Common
Squirrel tail 16 Common
Worn leather pelt 16 Common
Temerian Special Forces insignia 14 Common
Redanian special forces insignia 10 Common
Pig hide 34 Common
Parchment 24 Common
Old sheepskin 48 Common
Old goat hide 24 Common
Nilfgaardian Special Forces insignia 10 Common
Leather scraps 8 Common
Horse hide 140 Common
Goat hide 32 Common
Deer hide 40 Common
Cured leather 32 Common
Cow hide 148 Common
Book 32 Common
Rope ladder 62 Common
Broken rake 24 Common
Broken oar 12 Common
Haft 12 Common
Drum 23 Common
Casket 12 Common
Fishing rod 13 Common
Platter 10 Common
Smoking pipe 5 Common
Ladle 5 Common
Mug 5 Common
Flute 5 Common
Chain 12 Common
Blunt pickaxe 14 Common
Blunt axe 14 Common
Rusty hammer head 6 Common
Pickaxe head 6 Common
Axe head 6 Common
Lute 16 Common
Candelabrum 4 Common
Razor 5 Common
Saltpeter 2 Common
Rusty breadknife 2 Common
Goblet 2 Common
Butter knife 2 Common
Melitele figurine 1 Common
Jug 10 Common
Bottle 8 Common
Flask 6 Common
Jar 4 Common
Perfume 4 Common
Inkwell 7 Common
Vial 2 Common
Sea shell 8 Common
Shell 4 Common
Candle 10 Common
Rotting flesh 2 Common
Valuable fossil 10 Common
Skull 4 Common
Fishing net 36 Common
Jump rope 12 Common
Black magic doll 13 Common
Flowers 6 Common
Note 3 Common
Patched up vest 40 Common
Bag of grain 31 Common
Doll 24 Common
Iron ingot 4 Common
Nails 2 Common
Iron ore 2 Common
Lead 1 Common
Steel line 12 Common
Wire 6 Common
Resin 2 Common
Rope 26 Common
Twine 12 Common
Silk 32 Common
Linen 16 Common
String 8 Common
Thread 4 Common
Elven armorer's tools Common
Elven whetstone Common
Wax 2 Common
Fur scrap 16 Common
Leather straps 2 Common
Timber 5 Common
Sap 1 Common
Oil 2 Common
Glass 2 Common
Fiber 3 Common
Feather 2 Common
Dye 5 Common
Coal 2 Common
Cotton 2 Common
Ashes 1 Common
Dragon scales 80 Magic
Endrega armor plates 60 Magic
Hardened leather 66 Magic
Hardened timber 12 Magic
Golden thread 20 Magic
Golden ball 20 Magic
Silver mirror 20 Magic
Vampire Stake 20 Magic
Garlic 20 Magic
Green gold diamond necklace 352 Magic
Green gold emerald necklace 302 Magic
Green gold sapphire necklace 272 Magic
Green gold ruby necklace 252 Magic
Green gold amber necklace 189 Magic
Green gold diamond ring 326 Magic
Green gold emerald ring 276 Magic
Green gold sapphire ring 246 Magic
Green gold ruby ring 226 Magic
Orichalcum ore 80 Magic
Orichalcum mineral 20 Magic
Green gold plate 272 Magic
Green gold ingot 136 Magic
Copper plate 60 Magic
Copper ingot 30 Magic
Meteorite silver plate 220 Magic
Meteorite silver ingot 110 Magic
Dark steel plate 104 Magic
Dark steel ingot 52 Magic
Gold diamond ring 320 Magic
Gold sapphire ring 240 Magic
Gold ruby ring 220 Magic
Silver emerald ring 260 Magic
Silver sapphire ring 230 Magic
Silver amber ring 160 Magic
Gold pearl necklace 330 Magic
Gold diamond necklace 330 Magic
Gold sapphire necklace 250 Magic
Silver ruby necklace 615 Magic
Silver amber necklace 465 Magic
Gnomish armorer's tools Magic
Silver emerald necklace 265 Magic
Infused shard 60 Magic
Gnomish whetstone Magic
Infused dust 30 Magic
Sapphire 220 Magic
Zerrikanian powder 62 Magic
Chitinous shell 20 Magic
Ruby 200 Magic
Emerald 250 Magic
Diamond 300 Magic
Amethyst 120 Magic
Amber 150 Magic
Black pearl 130 Magic
Pearl 100 Magic
Copper casket 27 Master
Copper platter 20 Master
Copper mug 15 Master
Hotel silver cup 26 Master
Hotel silver wine bottle 26 Master
Hotel silver serving tray 26 Master
Hotel silver fruitbowl 26 Master
Hotel silver teapot 26 Master
Ornate shield 104 Master
Ornate sword 52 Master
Silver candelabrum 50 Master
Pure silver 50 Master
Silver casket 39 Master
Silver platter 29 Master
Silver mug 29 Master
Silver teapot 25 Master
Silverware 25 Master
Silver pantaloons 42 Master
Gold casket 108 Master
Gold plate 104 Master
Gold mug 104 Master
Gold candelabrum 100 Master
Glamour 30 Master
Fisstech 20 Master
Bag of weed 50 Master
Green gold ore 68 Master
Green gold mineral 17 Master
Cupronickel ore 13 Master
Copper ore 15 Master
Malachite mineral 9 Master
Azurite mineral 6 Master
Copper mineral 3 Master
Nickel ore 20 Master
Nickel mineral 4 Master
Steel plates 12 Master
Steel ingot 6 Master
Meteorite plate 120 Master
Meteorite ingot 60 Master
Meteorite ore 30 Master
Silver plate 100 Master
Silver ingot 50 Master
Silver ore 25 Master
Silver 5 Master
Dark iron plate 92 Master
Dark iron ingot 46 Master
Dark iron ore 23 Master
Gold ore 100 Master
Gold nugget 10 Master
Gold ring 20 Master
Dwarven armorer's tools Master
Dwarven whetstone Master
Sapphire dust 110 Master
Ruby dust 100 Master
Emerald dust 125 Master
Diamond dust 150 Master
Amethyst dust 60 Master
Amber dust 75 Master
Black pearl dust 65 Master
Powdered pearl 50 Master
Fisstech 20 Master _Stats
Dimeritium chains 162 Relic
Dimeritium shackles 162 Relic
Monstrous wing 15 Relic
Monstrous vine 15 Relic
Monstrous stomach 15 Relic
Monstrous spore 15 Relic
Monstrous pincer 15 Relic
Monstrous carapace 15 Relic
Acid extract 15 Relic
Venom extract 15 Relic
Monster tooth 15 Relic
Monster tongue 15 Relic
Monster saliva 15 Relic
Monster carapace 524 Relic
Monster liver 15 Relic
Monster hide 147 Relic
Monster heart 15 Relic
Monster hair 15 Relic
Monster feather 15 Relic
Monster eye 15 Relic
Monster essence 15 Relic
Monster egg 15 Relic
Monster ear 15 Relic
Powdered monster tissue 15 Relic
Monster claw 15 Relic
Monster bone 15 Relic
Monster blood 15 Relic
Monster brain 15 Relic
Dwimeryte enriched plate 1024 Relic
Dwimeryte enriched ingot 512 Relic
Dwimeryte enriched ore 256 Relic
Dwimeryte enriched ore 256 Relic
Dwimeryte enriched ore 256 Relic
Orichalcum plate 320 Relic
Orichalcum ingot 160 Relic
Dimeritium plate 648 Relic
Dimeritium ingot 324 Relic
Dimeritium ore 162 Relic
Glowing ore ingot 162 Relic
Glowing ore 81 Relic
Infused crystal 120 Relic
Flawless sapphire 440 Relic
Flawless ruby 400 Relic
Flawless emerald 500 Relic
Flawless diamond 600 Relic
Flawless amethyst 240 Relic
Flawless amber 300 Relic
Draconide infused leather 300 Relic
Cured draconid leather 232 Relic


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Name Price Rarity
Lesser Stribog runestone 155 Common
Stribog runestone 310 Common
Greater Stribog runestone 620 Common
Lesser Dazhbog runestone 170 Common
Dazhbog runestone 340 Common
Greater Dazhbog runestone 680 Common
Lesser Devana runestone 195 Common
Devana runestone 390 Common
Greater Devana runestone 780 Common
Lesser Zoria runestone 205 Common
Zoria runestone 410 Common
Greater Zoria runestone 820 Common
Lesser Morana runestone 220 Common
Morana runestone 440 Common
Greater Morana runestone 880 Common
Lesser Triglav runestone 245 Common
Triglav runestone 490 Common
Greater Triglav runestone 980 Common
Lesser Svarog runestone 110 Common
Svarog runestone 220 Common
Greater Svarog runestone 440 Common
Lesser Chernobog runestone 110 Common
Chernobog runestone 220 Common
Greater Chernobog runestone 440 Common
Lesser Perun runestone 110 Common
Perun runestone 220 Common
Greater Perun runestone 440 Common
Lesser Veles runestone 110 Common
Veles runestone 220 Common
Greater Veles runestone 440 Common
Pyerog runestone 96 Common
Tvarog runestone 125 Common
Lesser runestone 95 Master


Name Description Price
Lesser Glyph of Aard Increases Aard Sign Intensity. 239
Glyph of Aard Increases Aard Sign Intensity. 478
Greater Glyph of Aard Increases Aard Sign Intensity. 956
Lesser Glyph of Axii Increases Axii Sign Intensity. 254
Glyph of Axii Increases Axii Sign Intensity. 508
Greater Glyph of Axii Increases Axii Sign Intensity. 1016
Lesser Glyph of Igni Increases Igni Sign Intensity. 204
Glyph of Igni Increases Igni Sign Intensity. 408
Greater Glyph of Igni Increases Igni Sign Intensity. 816
Lesser Glyph of Quen Increases Quen Sign Intensity. 229
Glyph of Quen Increases Quen Sign Intensity. 458
Greater Glyph of Quen Increases Quen Sign Intensity. 916
Lesser Glyph of Yrden Increases Yrden Sign Intensity. 189
Glyph of Yrden Increases Yrden Sign Intensity. 378
Greater Glyph of Yrden Increases Yrden Sign Intensity. 756
Lesser Glyph of Binding Increases Bleeding resistance 159
Glyph of Binding Increases Bleeding resistance 318
Greater Glyph of Binding Increases Bleeding resistance 636
Lesser Glyph of Mending Increases Vitality Regeneration 159
Glyph of Mending Increases Vitality Regeneration 318
Greater Glyph of Mending Increases Vitality Regeneration 636
Lesser Glyph of Reinforcement Increases Indestructibility 152
Glyph of Reinforcement Increases Indestructibility 304
Greater Glyph of Reinforcement Increases Indestructibility 608
Lesser Glyph of Warding Increases Elemental Resistance 154
Glyph of Warding Increases Elemental Resistance 308
Greater Glyph of Warding Increases Elemental Resistance 616

Runewords and Glyphwords

Name Category Description
Preservation Runewords Tier 1 Armorer's Table and Grindstone bonuses never expire.
Dumplings Runewords Tier 1 Any food consumed generates 100% more Vitality, but everything tastes like pierogis.
Placation Runewords Tier 1 Once they reach their maximum level, Adrenaline Points steadily decline until they reach 0. During this time Vitality and Stamina regeneration are accelerated and Toxicity declines more quickly.
Severance Runewords Tier 2 Increases the range of Whirl by 1.1 yards and Rend by 1.9 yards.
Rejuvenation Runewords Tier 2 Each fatal blow dealt restores 25% of your Stamina.
Elation Runewords Tier 2 Fatal blows dealt with your sword give 0.1 to 0.25 Adrenaline Points.
Replenishment Runewords Tier 3 After you cast a Sign, an Adrenaline Point is consumed and your next sword attack is charged with the power of that Sign.
Invigoration Runewords Tier 3 When at maximum Vitality, any Vitality regeneration turns into added damage (up to +50%) on your next strike.
Prolongation Runewords Tier 3 Each unblocked blow increases potion duration time by 0.5s.
Deflection Glyphwords Tier 1 Armor deflects all arrows.
Usurpation Glyphwords Tier 1 When an enemy affected by Axii dies, the effect transfers to the nearest target.
Ignition Glyphwords Tier 1 Enemies set alight with Igni have a 25% chance to ignite other enemies within a 2 yard radius.
Heft Glyphwords Tier 1 All equipped armor items are treated as Heavy Armor.
Depletion Glyphwords Tier 1 Hitting enemies with Aard reduces their Stamina by 50%.
Balance Glyphwords Tier 2 All equipped armor items are treated as Medium Armor.
Rotation Glyphwords Tier 2 Igni's basic attack strikes all opponents in a 360-degree radius, but no longer applies the Burning effect.
Beguilement Glyphwords Tier 2 Enemies affected by Axii will be affected for 2s longer for each blow they land.
Entanglement Glyphwords Tier 2 When a trap set by Yrden hits an enemy, an Yrden glyph is placed at that position.
Protection Glyphwords Tier 2 When you enter combat, there's a 100 percent chance you will automatically get a Quen shield without using any Stamina.
Levity Glyphwords Tier 3 All equipped armor items are treated as Light Armor.
Retribution Glyphwords Tier 3 Gives a 30% chance of returning a portion of damage received to the attacker.
Possession Glyphwords Tier 3 When an opponent incluenced by Axii dies, the effect transfers to a nearby target. The effect's duration increases by 2 seconds for each blow the affected target lands.
Eruption Glyphwords Tier 3 Foes set alight by Igni explode when they die and ignite nearby foes.

Crossbow Bolts

Name Price Rarity
Exploding bolt 50 Magic
Precision bolt 10 Magic
Split bolt 20 Magic
Blunt crossbow bolt 10 Master
Bolt with bait 10 Master
Bolts 0 Master
Broadhead bolt 5 Master
Tracking bolt 10 Master
Blunt crossbow bolt 10 Relic
Broadhead bolt 5 Relic
Exploding bolt 50 Relic
Precision bolt 10 Relic
Split bolt 20 Relic

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