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List of Characters

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This is a list of major characters appearing in the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Read on for information on each character and what role they play in the story.

List of Characters

Name Profession Location
Geralt Witcher Kaer Morhen
Ciri Witcheress Kaer Morhen
Vesemir Witcher Kaer Morhen
Yennefer Sorceress White Orchard
Triss Sorceress Novigrad
Letho Witcher Reardon Manor / Kaer Morhen
Keira Metz Sorceress Midcopse
Dandelion Bard Novigrad
Zoltan Blacksmith Novigrad
The Bloody Baron Baron of Crow's Perch Crow's Perch
Priscilla Bard Novigrad
Morvran Voorhis Emperor of Nilfgaard Vizima
Sigismund Dijkstra Spy Novigrad
Uma Jester Velen / Kaer Morhen
Ves Rebel Velen
Fringilla Vigo Sorceress Novigrad

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