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Most Important Side Quests for the Story

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This guide will show you the most important side quests that will affect the ending, world state, characters, and unlockables. Read on to find out which side quests you need to play.

Secondary Quests That Impact the Ending, the World State, and Character Fates

Ciri's Ending and the Conclusion of the War

Ciri's Empress Ending

You can get Ciri's Empress Ending by deciding who will win the war when completing the quest Reason of State, which is unlocked by completing these secondary quests:

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After surviving the White Frost, Ciri has decided to accept her place on the Nilfgaard throne as the next emperess. After meeting with her father and realizing that through becoming the emperess she can make significant change in the world.

Geralt's Ending

Geralt's Romance and His Fate

Completing the quests Now or Never and/or The Last Wish will affect who Geralt will romance. Whoever he romances will determine his ending. To get Now or Never the player must finish the side quest, A Matter of Life and Death.

For more information on romancing Triss or Yennefer check the guide below:
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Romancing Triss

If Geralt romances Triss, they both move north of Kovir, with Geralt accepting the occasional witcher contracts and Triss is a advisor to the king.

Romancing Yennefer

If Geralt romances Yennefer, they both retire and live leisurely somewhere far away and peaceful.

Romancing Both or Neither

If Geralt romances both Triss and Yennefer or neither of them, Geralt will end up alone as a witcher on the path.

Who Will Become the King of Skellige

Choose between Hjalmar or Cerys

The player can decide who will become the new king of Skellige in the quest King's Gambit and will be crowned in the quest Coronation. Must complete the side quests Possession and The Lord of Undvik to unlock the quest.

King Hjalmar

If Hjalmar becomes King, he will continue the Skellige tradition of raiding and pillaging. He will also continue fighting the Nilfgaardians.

Queen Cerys

If Cerys become queen, she will decide to prioritize her people and stop the coastal raids. Skellige prospers under her rule.

King Svanrige

If you chose to ignore the quests to help either the An Craite siblings, Svanrige will become the King of Skellige.

The Fate of the Other Characters

King Radovid, Dijsktra, Roche, and Emperor Emhyr van Emreis

You can also influence the fate of these characters in the quest Reason of State. Completing this quest will mean the player having to kill Radovid and side with either Dijkstra or Roche.

Siding with Dijkstra or ignoring the plot line will mean Nilfgaard losing and Emhyr dying. Helping Roche will result in Nilfgaard winning the war and Emyhr living.

Radovid Wins the War

Radovid the Stern proceeds to push back the Nilfgaardians, winning the war. He then proceeds to kill every mage, non-human, healers, pellars and anyone he deemed as heretics.

Dijkstra Wins the War

Dijkstra rules the north and beats the Nilfgaardians. He proceeds to follow Nilfgaards example and expand his power throughout the north with settlements and industrialisation

Emhyr Wins the War

Nilfgaard finally defeats Redania and takes over Redania and Novigrad. Due to the pressure of Roche and his guerilla force, Emhyr restores the country of Temaria as a liege under Nilfgaard. With the war won, Emhyr could finally focus on those who he deemed traitorous and had them executed.

Whether Keira Metz Lives or Dies

Your decision in the quest For the Advancement of Learning will determine whether Keira will die or live and help you later on.

Not doing this quest will default with Keira dying. You must complete the rest of Keira's questline to get this quest. The quests are:

Keira's Death

If the player chooses to let Keira go to Radovid or ignore the quest, she will attempt to bargain with him. This ends with Radovid deciding to execute her by impalement.

Keira Lives

If the player decides to stop her and send her to Kaer Morhen, she will help at the battle. She will save Lambert's life and the two of them end up becoming lovers after.

Philip Strenger aka Bloody Baron

You can help save the Bloody Baron's wife Anna in the quest Return to Crookback Bog. Your choices in the quest The Whispering Hillock will determine the outcome of this quest.

Freed the Spirit

If the player chose to free the spirit in The Whispering Hillock, the Orphans of Crookback Bog will be saved by the spirit, but Anna will be cursed and turned into a water hag by the Crones.

If Geralt was successul in breaking the curse in Return to Crookback Bog, Anna will also end up dying as the curse was tied to her life. Due to the loss of his wife, the Bloody Baron hangs himself right outside his own house in Crow's Perch.

Killed the Spirit

After Geralt kills the spirit in The Whispering Hillock, the Oprhans of Crookback Bog get eaten by the Crones, leading to Anna going mad due to the loss. Geralt and the Bloody Baron find her at the end of Return to Crookback Bog, but finds her mind in a broken state. After the quest, the Bloody Baron takes his wife to look for help to cure her mind.

Free the Spirit Before the Ladies of the Wood

If you encounter the Whispering Hillock and free the spirit before doing the Main Quest Ladies of the Wood, Anna will not get turned into a Water Hag, the spirit will not save the Orphans of Crookback Bog, and the village of Downwarren will get destroyed.

Fate of the Mages in Novigrad

You can save the Mages of Novigrad in the quest Now or Never.

Secondary Quests That Impact the Main Quests

Getting Help for the Battle of Kaer Morhen

You can recruit these characters during the quests Brothers in Arms, after completing the required side quests.


If you chose to spare Letho in you Witcher 2 save or simulated save, the quest Ghosts of the Past will be available. Upon completion you can invite him to Kaer Morhen for the battle.

Keira Metz

If you complete the quest For the Advancement of Learning and chose to send her to Kaer Morhen, she will be available to help during the battle.

Vernon Roche and Ves

Roche and Ves will be available to recruit if the player has finished the quest An Eye for an Eye.

Hjalmar An Craite, Vigi the Loon, Folan

If the quest Coronation is done you can recruit Hjalmar. If you save Folan and Vigi in the quest The Lord of Undvik, they will come along with Hjalmar.

Secondary Quests For Unlocking Mastercrafted Gear

Mastercrafted Swords

Finishing the quest Of Swords and Dumplings will unlock the ability to upgrade your Witcher swords to mastercraft level. The best base game gear are mastercrafted.

Mastercrafted Armor

For mastercrafted armor the player will need to complete the quest Master Armorer. Upon completion the ability to upgrade your witcher armor to mastercraft will be available.

For more information on upgrading your Witcher gear, check the guide below:
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its because people find dandelion annoying (i dont but i see it online) although i did enjoy the tavern plotline

1 Anonymousabout 4 years

The questline with Dandelion and Priscilla was really good! I don't know why people dont talk about it that much. It has a serial killer plot!


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