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Hearts of Stone Walkthroughs

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This page lists walkthroughs for all quests in Hearts of Stone, the DLC expansion of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Click on the title of a quest from the list below to learn tips and strategies on how to complete it.

What is the Hearts of Stone DLC?

Toad Prince
Hearts of Stone DLC can be accessed after you finish the prologue from the base game. Once you finish the Prologue, you will automatically receive the first quest called Evil's Soft First Touches and it will be added to your journal.

Hearts of Stone – Main Quest Walkthroughs

No. Quest Title Location Sugg. Level
1 Evil's Soft First Touches Seven Cats Inn, Garin Estate, Oxenfurt sewers 32
2 Dead Man's Party Brunwich, von Everec Estate, Upper Mill 33
3 Open Sesame! Borsodi Brothers' Auction House 34
4 Open Sesame: Witcher Seasonings Oxenfurt 34
5 Open Sesame: Breaking and Entering Oxenfurt 34
6 Open Sesame: The Safecracker Oxenfurt 34
7 Scenes From a Marriage Von Everec Estate, Painted world 35
8 Whatsoever a Man Soweth... The Alchemy, Temple of Lilvani, Puzzle world 36

Hearts of Stone – Secondary Quest Walkthroughs

No. Quest Title Location Sugg. Level
- A Midnight Clear Brunwich Miller's Lake 33
- Avid Collector The Borsodi Brothers' Auction House Marcus T.K. Hodgson's bookshop 34
- Enchanting: Quality Has Its Price Upper Mill Bloodrot Pit 32
- Enchanting: Start-up Costs Upper Mill 32
- Races: Swift as the Western Winds Upper Mill 32
- Rose on a Red Field Garin Estate Bowdon 33
- The Taxman Cometh Oxenfurt 32
- Without a Trace Herbalist's Hut Deadwight Wood Erde 32

Hearts of Stone – Treasure Hunt Walkthroughs

No. Quest Title Location Sugg. Level
- A Dark Legacy Arnskrone Castle Ruins N/A
- A Surprise Inheritance Stacheier 38
- From Ofier's Distant Shores Upper Mill Kilkerinn Castle Hunter's Cottage 33
- The Cursed Chapel Old Chapel north of Upper Mill 36
- The Drakenborg Redemption Bloodrot Pit 38
- The Royal Air Force Vikk Watchtower 36
- The Secret Life of Count Romilly Arnskrone Castle Ruins 38
- The Sword, Famine and Perfidy Far east of Crane Cape 36
- Tinker, Hunter, Soldier, Spy Mohrin Village 33

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