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Best and Worst Items to Sell

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This is a guide on what to sell and what not to sell in the game The Witcher 3. Read on to learn which items are the best items to sell to merchants for coins, and which items you should avoid selling and save for later.

Best Items to Sell

Weapons and Armors

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The best items to sell are the Common and Master-grade equipment items that can be easily looted. They pile up fairly quick because they can be looted almost anywhere. They are commonly looted from bandits, treasure chests, and corpses which you will encounter anywhere you go. Relic-grade equipment items are pretty expensive and it can be tempting to sell them to make coins faster. But keep in mind that later in the game when you are crafting high rarity items, you will need high rarity materials that you can get from Relics. You can always check the crafting materials an item can provide by checking the Dismantle tab. If you are sure that you will not need the crafting materials you can get from an item, it's okay to sell it for more money!


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Items like Rubies, Pearls, and Amethysts are considered highly valuable by almost every merchant in the game. They are willing to purchase any gem you want to sell at a high price. Gems can be received by dismantling jewels which you loot from Armorers and Blacksmiths for more profit.


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Once you have read any book you will immediately gain knowledge of the formula for alchemy or the quest will be available for hidden items. There is no point in keeping any of the Books and Notes that you will encounter in the game. They are best sold for more coins to purchase better items to get stronger.

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Worst Items to Sell

Quests Items

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Sometimes when you are doing certain quests, you will items on the Other tab. These items can be sold to merchants and will prevent you from finishing quests.


Best items to sell - Jewels-min.jpg
Jewels can be dismantled to get gems, which are more valuable to sell. Do not forget that this also applies to Shells, which can be dismantled for valuable Pearls.

Glyphs and Runestones

Best item to sell - Glyphs & Runestones-min.jpg
Glyphs and Runestones can be combined to give better stats. It is better to keep them for later in the game once you get the diagrams for Greater Glyphs and Runestones which can be bought from Keira Metz or the Pellar.

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2 Anonymousover 4 years

Ahhh. I never thought of selling the rare book i had! I had some money in my pockets all along and i didn't even know it!

1 Anonymousover 4 years

WHAT YOU CAN DISMANTLE JEWELS i have been living a lie!!! i dont know how much money i wasted like that


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