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Easy Gwent Opponents

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This guide will show you all the Easy Gwent Opponents you can face in the game for you to build up your deck and learn the basic strategies for Gwent in the game Witcher 3.

Difficulty Change

You can change the difficulty of Gwent by going to options then choose gameplay and from there you can adjust the Gwent difficulty to anything you like.

We recommend you to put the difficulty to easy at the start of the game as it would help you beat the early Gwent players and win cards for your deck.

Early Merchants

In Witcher 3 one of the ways of earning cards is by beating certain merchants, traders, and innkeepers in game.

Be sure to fight all of the merchants you see that is able to play Gwent to make your deck stronger and gain more cards. Be reminded that certain merchants also sell Gwent cards so be sure to check before battling so you can add the newly bought cards.

List of Early Merchants
Location Name
Crow's Perch Trader
Crow's Perch Quartermaster
Midscope Trader
Claywich Trader
Lindendale Trader


You can also battle easy Gwent opponents in the early Gwent quests in the game as they help you get to know Gwent better and also rewards you with great cards so we recommend you finish this quest so that you can make your deck better in game.

The Gwent Quest: Playing Innkeeps and Gwent Quest: Velen Players has fairly easy opponents in Gwent. Be sure to buy cards from merchants and innkeepers you encounter before doing this to have an easier time finishing these quest.
Where to Buy Gwent Cards

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