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Romance Guide | Romance Triss or Yen

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Triss and Yennefer romance
This guide will show the player whether to romance Triss or Yennefer, how to romance them and who should you romance. Read on to learn more.

Should you Romance Triss or Yennefer

Romancing Triss or Yennefer is tied to Geralt's ending. If you would like to affect Geralt's ending you will need to romance one of them.

How to Romance Triss

Romancing Triss
To romance Triss you will need to complete the side quests A Matter of Life and Death and Now or Never. Romancing Triss will have stricter requirements compared to Yennefer.

For you to successfuly romance Triss you will need to first choose to kiss her when given the option in the quest A Matter of Life of Death. Then at the end of Now or Never you will need to choose the dialogue option [Stay with me] then [I love you]. If done correctly, Triss will be locked in as Geralt's romantic partner.

How to Romance Yennefer

Romancing Yennefer
To romance Yennefer you will need to complete the side quest The Last Wish. It is fairly straight forward to romance Yennefer.

At the end of the quest The Last Wish you will have to decide between two dialogue options, [I still love you, too] or [Sorry, but i don't want to be with you anymore]. Choosing the first one will lock in Yennefer as your romance partner.

Should I Romance Both?

Triss and Yennefer leave Geralt
It is not recommended to Romance both of them as it will result in both leaving you and will be the same as if you did not romance either of them.

Who should you Romance?

Gameplay wise it would be easier to romance Yennefer as it will only take one side quest and to succeed you will only need to choose a single dialogue choice. Story wise Yeneffer can also be considered as the "canon" partner, especially for those who have read the books.

But it can still be up to the player's taste. As long as the player does not romance them both, Geralt will get a happy ending.

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