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This is the Discussion Boards Page for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Use this page to ask for advice with this game, or for general chat regarding The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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77 Anonymous1 dayReport

>>76 There are a lot of games out there and if you are at this point in this one you've more than finished it; put a well-deserved notch in your belt and find a new game to play.

76 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>73 theres nothing to do in the rest of witchers world if theres no quest in it... and there arent generated quests even

75 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>74 theyre not working on witcher anymore, theyve moved to cyberpunk theyre next game

74 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>68 i wish they had more dlc like a japanese inspired witcher country with japanese monsters and silver katanas haha, new place for every dlc

73 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>72 i guess i get what you mean, too much to go to but theres always something to do, unlike other open worlds that are huge but not enough interesting things to do

72 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>66 agree!!! at that point the game felt like it crumbled under its own size... like too much go to

71 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>69 wouldnt it have been a bit bland, then we would only ever have dealt with redania and nilfgaard if skellige werent there

70 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>65 Wait, I thought people said you didn't need to play the first game?

69 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>68 its not that i dont like the different cultures it just feels weirdly apart from the main area that it sort of sticks out like a sore thumb. toussant was great cause it was self contained and didnt feel jarring

68 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>66 I liked Skellige, it's a good change of pace from the culture of the Northern Kingdoms... that's why I really liked Blood and Wine! It's different medieval cultures

67 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>56 imo its harder to build a full image of a character in games. like in a book u can read someones history, real time thoughts, what they pay attention to etc. etc.

66 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>61 ya u had such a hard time getting to skellige but then u always have quests going there and back? weird

65 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>63 they were foreshadowed over the older two games, mostly the first, so maybe thats why you didnt get it

64 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>56 also books always have to have their own stories, in witcher while there is a story everyone has their own story about fighting a boss or almost dying

63 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>62 agree! also, the wild hunt didnt resolve like i thought i would, it felt really boring and i didnt care about them

62 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>60 the end felt a bit rushed compared to the pace of the beginning... i thought we'd see more of nilfgaard and wtvr but it didnt feel as climactic as i thought

61 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>60 I really liked the Velen part! But honestly, Skellige was kind of a drag, and unlocking the whole map made quests feel like a chore.

60 Anonymous3 daysReport

whatd u guys think of the game? i found it a bit weird by the end? like it felt too big and also not big enough

59 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>58 id do it if i were you i dont think people care here, plus its not a walkthrough page so people wouldnt go here if they havent finished the game

58 Anonymous3 daysReport

are we allowed to discuss endgame opinions here??? or is this a spoiler free zone

57 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>53 video games can do inception but movies could never do peggle, thats my hot take ladies and gentlemen

56 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>55 Books lack the agency of the player, the reader feels like they're watching but the player feels like they're doing, ya feel?

55 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>47 also, books can infinitely build a world for the very reason that its cheap to make them... a game about the witcher might cost millions of dollars to show this part of the story, but like a novel and a short story anthology would cost a fraction that price

54 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>52 luckily for you, there's a mod that does just that i think! google it and iirc it's on the nexus

53 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>51 i think the mindfuck aspect can be done well. bioshock 1 and infiinites twist had me screaming, as did god of war (i just love god of war)

52 Anonymous3 daysReport

hello is there any way to make geralt in game look like henry cavill like in the netflix series? i like his character a lot there and thats where i started witcher

51 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>50 idk there are certain movies that dont translate well to games like i cant think of a movie translation to inception

50 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>49 if u played god of war it kinda mixed the best of both worlds... i think witcher comes alive too not in its main story, but in all the side stories that could never be told in one movie

49 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>48 i think the problem with games over movies is that sometimes its hard to frame the specific important elements unlike what u can do with the control of movies

48 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>47 it is because they have more space to tell the story, they can do tangents and whatnot and they're not confined to a 2 hour runtime, which is why i like games and books better than movies

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      There are a lot of games out there and if you are at this point in this one you've more than finished it; put a well-deserved notch in your belt and find a new game to play.

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