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90 Anonymousover 1 yearReport

Wassup no life people

89 Anonymousabout 2 yearsReport

Following The Thread side quest is failable if you get Uma before you do the quest because you go straight to Kaer More from there!

88 Anonymousover 2 yearsReport

why did you say that the haunted house quest with Corinne and Sara is totally worth doing?!?!?!!?!

85 Anonymousalmost 4 yearsReport


84 Anonymousalmost 4 yearsReport

After watching Netflix, whenever I kill a rabbit...."FOR KINGDOM AND GLORY!"

83 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

If you want a similar game, try playing Kingdom Come Deliverance, it's first person and not as smooth but it gives me the same vibes as the Witcher but a lot more realistic and hardcore

82 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

sorry man, witcher isnt as flexible as other games when it comes to modding

81 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

same, i had a hard time letting go of this game when i first finished it (before the NG+ dlc) cause i wanted more content like skyrim but then i realized its not that type of game, its the type thats worth finishing then thats it

80 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

just finished this game, its better than skyrim. is it worth replaying though? skyrim has all of those mods that add new story, but the nexus of witcher seems empty. am i missing something?

79 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

The thing about Witcher is that while it has no generated quests, all of the quests are handmade and worth doing, each a unique experience

78 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

this would have been a super cool idea! japan has a lot of mythological monsters so it will open up a whole new possibilities

77 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

There are a lot of games out there and if you are at this point in this one you've more than finished it; put a well-deserved notch in your belt and find a new game to play.

76 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

theres nothing to do in the rest of witchers world if theres no quest in it... and there arent generated quests even

75 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

theyre not working on witcher anymore, theyve moved to cyberpunk theyre next game

74 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

i wish they had more dlc like a japanese inspired witcher country with japanese monsters and silver katanas haha, new place for every dlc

73 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

i guess i get what you mean, too much to go to but theres always something to do, unlike other open worlds that are huge but not enough interesting things to do

72 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

agree!!! at that point the game felt like it crumbled under its own size... like too much go to

71 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

wouldnt it have been a bit bland, then we would only ever have dealt with redania and nilfgaard if skellige werent there

70 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

Wait, I thought people said you didn't need to play the first game?

69 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

its not that i dont like the different cultures it just feels weirdly apart from the main area that it sort of sticks out like a sore thumb. toussant was great cause it was self contained and didnt feel jarring

68 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

I liked Skellige, it's a good change of pace from the culture of the Northern Kingdoms... that's why I really liked Blood and Wine! It's different medieval cultures

67 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

imo its harder to build a full image of a character in games. like in a book u can read someones history, real time thoughts, what they pay attention to etc. etc.

66 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

ya u had such a hard time getting to skellige but then u always have quests going there and back? weird

65 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

they were foreshadowed over the older two games, mostly the first, so maybe thats why you didnt get it

64 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

also books always have to have their own stories, in witcher while there is a story everyone has their own story about fighting a boss or almost dying

63 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

agree! also, the wild hunt didnt resolve like i thought i would, it felt really boring and i didnt care about them

62 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

the end felt a bit rushed compared to the pace of the beginning... i thought we'd see more of nilfgaard and wtvr but it didnt feel as climactic as i thought

61 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

I really liked the Velen part! But honestly, Skellige was kind of a drag, and unlocking the whole map made quests feel like a chore.

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