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List of Abilities

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This is a list of all Abilties in the game Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. Read on for information on each Ability and its effect at each stage.

List of All Abilities

Combat Skills

See All Combat Skills and Effects

Ability Name Core Skill Req. Points Ranking
Resolve 1/5
Battle Trance 0 A Rank Icon
Undying 1/5
Battle Trance 8 B Rank Icon
Razor Focus 1/5
Razor Focus
Battle Trance 20 S Rank Icon
Flood of Anger 1/5
Flood of Anger
Battle Trance 30 A Rank Icon
Arrow Deflection 1/3
Arrow Deflection
Defense 0 S Rank Icon
Fleet Footed 1/5
Fleet Footed
Defense 8 S Rank Icon
Counterattack 1/3
Defense 20 C Rank Icon
Deadly Precision 1/2
Deadly Precision
Defense 30 S Rank Icon
Muscle Memory 1/5
Muscle Memory
Fast Attack 0 S Rank Icon
Precise Blows 1/5
Precise Blows
Fast Attack 8 A Rank Icon
Whirl 1/5
Fast Attack 20 B Rank Icon
Crippling Strikes 1/5
Crippling Strikes
Fast Attack 30 B Rank Icon
Lightning Reflexes 1/3
Lightning Reflexes
Marksmanship 0 C Rank Icon
Cold Blood 1/5
Cold Blood
Marksmanship 8 C Rank Icon
Anatomical Knowledge 1/5
Anatomical Knowledge
Marksmanship 20 C Rank Icon
Crippling Shot 1/5
Crippling Shot
Marksmanship 30 B Rank Icon
Strength Training 1/5
Strength Training
Strong Attack 0 S Rank Icon
Crushing Blows 1/5
Crushing Blows
Strong Attack 8 A Rank Icon
Rend 1/5
Strong Attack 20 B Rank Icon
Sunder Armor 1/5
Sunder Armor
Strong Attack 30 S Rank Icon

Sign Skills

See All Sign Skills and Effects

Ability Name Core Skill Req. Points Ranking
Far-Reaching Aard 1/3
Far-Reaching Aard
Aard Sign 0 S Rank Icon
Aard Sweep 1/3
Aard Sweep
Aard Sign 6 B Rank Icon
Aard Intensity 1/5
Aard Intensity
Aard Sign 18 A Rank Icon
Shock Wave 1/5
Shock Wave
Aard Sign 28 B Rank Icon
Delusion 1/3
Axii Sign 0 S Rank Icon
Puppet 1/3
Axii Sign 6 A Rank Icon
Axii Intensity 1/5
Axii Intensity
Axii Sign 18 A Rank Icon
Domination 1/3
Axii Sign 28 B Rank Icon
Melt Armor 1/5
Melt Armor
Igni Sign 0 S Rank Icon
Firestream 1/3
Igni Sign 6 B Rank Icon
Igni Intensity 1/5
Igni Intensity
Igni Sign 18 A Rank Icon
Pyromaniac 1/5
Igni Sign 28 C Rank Icon
Exploding Shield 1/3
Exploding Shield
Quen Sign 0 S Rank Icon
Active Shield 1/3
Active Shield
Quen Sign 6 A Rank Icon
Quen Intensity 1/5
Quen Intensity
Quen Sign 18 A Rank Icon
Quen Discharge 1/5
Quen Discharge
Quen Sign 28 B Rank Icon
Sustained Glyphs 1/2
Sustained Glyphs
Yrden Sign 0 B Rank Icon
Magic Trap 1/3
Magic Trap
Yrden Sign 6 C Rank Icon
Yrden Intensity 1/5
Yrden Intensity
Yrden Sign 18 A Rank Icon
Supercharged Glyphs 1/5
Supercharged Glyphs
Yrden Sign 28 B Rank Icon

Alchemy Skills

See All Alchemy Skills and Effects

Ability Name Core Skill Req. Points Ranking
Steady Aim 1/3
Steady Aim
Bomb Creation 0 C Rank Icon
Pyrotechnics 1/5
Bomb Creation 8 B Rank Icon
Efficiency 1/5
Bomb Creation 20 A Rank Icon
Cluster Bombs 1/5
Cluster Bombs
Bomb Creation 28 B Rank Icon
Heightened Tolerance 1/5
Heightened Tolerance
Brewing 0 S Rank Icon
Refreshment 1/5
Brewing 8 A Rank Icon
Delayed Recovery 1/3
Delayed Recovery
Brewing 20 C Rank Icon
Side Effects 1/5
Side Effects
Brewing 28 A Rank Icon
Acquired Tolerance 1/3
Acquired Tolerance
Mutation 0 S Rank Icon
Tissue Transmutation 1/5
Tissue Transmutation
Mutation 8 B Rank Icon
Synergy 1/5
Mutation 20 A Rank Icon
Adaptation 1/5
Mutation 28 C Rank Icon
Poisoned Blades 1/5
Poisoned Blades
Oil Preparation 0 B Rank Icon
Protective Coating 1/5
Protective Coating
Oil Preparation 8 A Rank Icon
Fixative 1/3
Oil Preparation 20 A Rank Icon
Hunter Instinct 1/5
Hunter Instinct
Oil Preparation 28 A Rank Icon
Frenzy 1/3
Trial of the Grasses 0 A Rank Icon
Endure Pain 1/5
Endure Pain
Trial of the Grasses 8 B Rank Icon
Fast Metabolism 1/5
Fast Metabolism
Trial of the Grasses 20 B Rank Icon
Killing Spree 1/5
Killing Spree
Trial of the Grasses 28 A Rank Icon

General Skills

See All General Skills and Effects

Ability Name Core Skill Req. Points Ranking
Attack is the Best Defense
Attack is the Best Defense
- 0 B Rank Icon
Strong Back
Strong Back
- 0 B Rank Icon
Metabolic Control
Metabolic Control
- 0 A Rank Icon
Bear School Techniques
Bear School Techniques
- 0 B Rank Icon
Heavy Artillery
Heavy Artillery
- 0 B Rank Icon
Battle Frenzy
Battle Frenzy
- 0 B Rank Icon
- 0 S Rank Icon
Griffin School Techniques
Griffin School Techniques
- 0 B Rank Icon
In Combat
In Combat's Fires
- 0 C Rank Icon
Advanced Pyrotechnics
Advanced Pyrotechnics
- 0 C Rank Icon
Adrenaline Burst
Adrenaline Burst
- 0 A Rank Icon
Cat School Techniques
Cat School Techniques
- 0 B Rank Icon
- 0 S Rank Icon
Trick Shot
Trick Shot
- 0 C Rank Icon
Rage Management
Rage Management
- 0 A Rank Icon
Survival Instinct
Survival Instinct
- 0 A Rank Icon
Gorged on Power
Gorged on Power
- 0 B Rank Icon
Metabolism Boosts
Metabolism Boosts
- 0 B Rank Icon
Steady Shot
Steady Shot
- 0 C Rank Icon
Sun and Stars
Sun and Stars
- 0 S Rank Icon

Mutation Skills

See All Mutations and Effects

Toxic BloodToxic Blood Deadly CounterDeadly Counter Magic SensibilitiesMagic Sensibilities
EuphoriaEuphoria BloodbathBloodbath Piercing ColdPiercing Cold
Cat EyesCat Eyes Conductors of MagicConductors of Magic Mutated SkinMutated Skin
Adrenaline RushAdrenaline Rush Second LifeSecond Life MetamorphosisMetamorphosis

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1 Anonymousabout 4 years

Almost every crossbow skill is pretty useless. I mean why would they even give it skills if they were this bad? CDPR makes good RPG world but can't do balancing at all.


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