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How to Make Money Fast

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How to Make Money Fast
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Money Making Guide

This is a guide on how to make money fast in the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Read on to see ways to earn money through both gameplay and easy tricks to earn money quickly.

How to Make Money Fast

Looting Everything

Money Guide - Looting-min.jpg
Loot everything you find during quests and killing monsters, as you can sell the items you loot on merchants, shopkeepers, and vendors for a large profit. However in some areas with guards and soldiers, you will get in trouble if you loot the items in front of them and they will attack you. These guards are high leveled and can be extremely difficult if you are still at a low level. Be mindful of guards when you are looting garrisons and cities.

Betting On Mini-games

Money Guide - Wager Horse-min.jpg
In some of the mini-games you can wager your money to make the fights more exciting while earning a little extra profit. This feature is available for Fist Fights and Horse Racing, and the amount of the wager can be set higher or lower depending on how much you are willing to bet.

Completing Quests

Money Guide - Story Rewards-min.jpg
After completing Quests you will sometimes receive money and experience as a reward, this is the best way to make money while getting experience for your level.

Easy Money Making Methods

Pig Farming

Money Banner.jpg
There is an easily exploitable trick to making tons of money in the beginning of the game. You can easily make money at the beginning of the game on the first town by killing the pigs and gathering their loots to sell for gold.

Gathering Loot

On the north side of the first town in White Orchard, west of Woesong Bridge, you can find 2 pig pens near the water. Use your Igni to quickly kill the pigs in the area with its large area of effect. Do not immediately loot the pigs after killing them, open the Quick Access Menu and use Meditation for 1 hour. Doing this will automatically respawn the pigs inside the pig pen. Continue doing this until there are no more pigs respawning and start picking up all of the loot.

Use this technique on the other pig pen near this area and keep on doing this until you are overburdened with Pork and Pig Hide. The pig pens can be seen as the 2 red dots in the map above.

Selling the Loot

Selling Loots.jpg
Unlike other games where the NPCs have an unlimited amount of money and you can sell everything you have in one place, here the NPCs will run out of money if you sell too much loot in one area. You will have to sell your loot to different NPCs in the town. The most efficient way to deal with this is to progress the story until you finish the 4th quest to unlock the Novigrad Region.

Once you finish the 4th quest, Geralt will go to the Velen Region. From there, use your horse and go north until reach Novigrad Region. Inside Novigrad, go to Heirarch Square, where you can find multiple NPCs with huge amounts of money to easily sell the Pork and Pig Hide. Since the pigs will always respawn, this trick can be done repeatedly until you are content with the amount of Coin in your wallet.

Monster Nest and Meditation

Velen-min (1).jpg
This trick allows you to repeatedly loot the items inside of an already looted Monster Nest to quickly pile up on expensive items for you to sell.

Preparing and Locating

Money - Monster Nest.jpg
First, you will need to craft a bomb that you will be needing for this method, you can use any type of bomb available. Look for any Monster Nest on the map with the icon of a head with four horns. They are usually seen outside of large cities. Kill all the monsters on the surrounding area of the nest.

Looting and Restocking

Money - Meditation.jpg
After clearing the area of monsters, use your bomb to destroy the Monster Nest and loot all of the item except the rarest item (Rotfiend blood, Goul's blood or Venom Extract). The item you will not pick up will depend on the Monster Nest you destroyed. Open the Quick Access Menu and Meditate for 5 days. Doing this will automatically refill the Monster Nest with the same items you just took. You can do this as much as you want, and it will always be refilled with the same items. Afterward, you can then sell these on merchants in Novigrad for an easy profit.

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