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Managing Your Inventory

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This is a guide on how to manage your inventory in the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Read on to learn more information about storage and how to increase your maximum weight limit.

Managing Your Inventory

Managing your inventory in Witcher 3 is a common problem because of the huge amount of items you will loot during your adventure. You have unlimited slots in your inventory, but each item you pick up will add up to the weight that you are carrying. Once you go over the your weight limit, you will become overburdened, and unable to run during exploration.

Using Your Storage

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You can drop off any item that you want to hold on to for later in the game into storage to reduce the weight you are carrying. These chests used for storage can be found all over the world and are all linked to each other, which means that the items put into one chest can be picked up from another chest. The storage units are marked with a green chest on your world map.

Selling Junk

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Most of the loot that you pick up will be junk materials, which will eventually add up to a lot of weight. Sell these junk items to vendors for money, or dismantle them for crafting parts to clear up some space in your inventory.

Upgrading Your Horse Saddlebags

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There are many saddlebags available in the game that can greatly increase your weight limit. You can purchase saddlebags from merchants in cities and towns, or win them from Horse Racing.

Strong Back

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You can pick up the skill Strong Back for 1 skill point in the General skill tree. This increases your maximum weight limit by 60. This is an excellent skill early on in the game, as your inventory will fill up faster than you know, and you may not be sure to do with all of the items you have amassed just yet.

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1 Anonymousabout 4 years

Strongback is such a good skill. I regret not getting it for my first playthrough of the game. 60 weight for just 1 ability point is a pretty worth.


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