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List of Endings and How to Get the Best Ending

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This guide will show you the endings, what the best ending is and how to get the best ending for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

What are the Endings?

Besides the main ending (Ciri's Ending) multiple other endings involve other characters and world events all influenced by the player's decisions. Each of these other endings also has multiple outcomes.

Ciri's Endings

Ciri Witcher ending.jpg

Ciri Dies to the White Frost

Ciri is never to bee seen since the events on Undvik. One can only presume that she has passed away.

The player will get this ending if they get more "negative choices" than "positive choices". These choices are made in the quests, Blood on the Battlefield, Final Preparations, and Child of the Elder Blood.

Ciri Becomes a Witcher

Ciri survives The White Frost. But Geralt instead informs Emhyr that Ciri had died instead. This will free her from her obligations under Emhyr. She receives her very own Witcher's Silver Sword and becomes a Witcher on the Path. After learning everything she could from Geralt, they set off their seperate ways. This can be considered as the best ending.

This ending happens when the player gets more "positive choices" than "negative choices", and if the player does not bring Ciri to Emhyr, or if the player did not do the side quest Reason of State.

Ciri Becomes Empress of Nilfgaard

Just like Ciri's Witcher ending, she will survive The White Frost. But instead of choosing to fake her death and become a witcher like Geralt. She realizes that she can make bigger and more impactful changes in the world as the Empress of Nilfgaard.

More information on how to get the ending below in the Ciri Empress Ending section.

Geralt's Endings

Geralt Alone Ending.jpg

Geralt Ends Up Alone

Geralt does not end up with any of his potential romantic partners. He continues the rest of his days as a Witcher on the Path.

Geralt Lives with Triss

Geralt and Triss move to Kovir to live together. Triss earns a pretty penny as the advisor to the king and Geralt keeps his blade sharp with the occasional Witcher contract. Is obtained if the player only romances Triss.

Geralt Lives with Yennefer

Geralt and Yennefer move somewhere far together. They retire from the life of intrigue and adventure and decide to just live the rest of their life leisurely in each other's company.Is obtained if the player only romances Yennefer.

More information on how to romance Triss or Yennefer in the guide below:
Romance Guide

Outcome of the War

Temeria is Revived.jpg

Radovid Wins the War for the North

Radovid wins the war and pushes Niflgaard back to the south. With Nilfgaard out of the way, Redania then proceeds to take the north for themselves.

Radovid wins if the player does not do the side quest, Reason of State.

Dijkstra Wins the War for the North

With Radovid dead, Dijkstra takes hold of power as the chancellor and wins the war against Nilfgaard. As the new ruler, he decides the only way to keep the peace was to unite the north under his rule. Whether they want to or not.

Djikstra wins if the player does the side quest Reason of State, and leave the Temerians to die.

Nilfgaard Wins the War

Thanks to the assassination of King Radovid, Nilfgaard wins the war. Fearing guerrilla attacks, Emhyr made a deal and restored the country of Temeria.

More information on how to get this ending in the Best Outcome of the War.

Skellige's New Ruler

Svanrige Becomes King of Skellige.jpg

Svanrige Becomes King

After becoming king, Svanrige decides to centralize the power of Skellige and turn it into an absolute monarchy. Even if it meant having to shed the blood of his countrymen.

Svanrige becomes king if the player does not choose to side quest King's Gambit.

Hjalmar Becomes King

Hjalmar continues raiding the continent, spilling blood even with the war over. Even if it means his people spilling theirs.

Hjalmar becomes king if the player chooses to help him during the quest King's Gambit.

Cerys Becomes Queen

Cerys becomes queen of Skellige. Under her wise rule, Skellige stops its coastal raids and focuses on the development and progress of the islands.

Cerys becomes queen if the player chooses to help her during the side quest King's Gambit.

How to Get the Best Ending

Best Ending for Ciri

Ciri Witcher ending.jpg

Ciri Becoming a Witcher is the Best Ending

This is considered the best ending becuase this is the ending where Ciri becomes the happiest at.

For some players who want to go deep into the world of the Witcher, this may not be what they consider as their best ending because they believe that Ciri can use her full potential as the Empress of Nilfgaard and help the world in the best position she can all the while sacrificing her own happiness.

How to Get the Ciri Witcher Ending

  • During the main quest Blood on the Battlefield, when Ciri is upset, choose the dialogue choice I think I know what can lift your spirits. This will have Geralt and Ciri have a snowball fight.
  • At the end of Blood on the Battlefield, before heading to Velen choose All right, Velen it is.. If you did not do the quests to assassinate King Radovid, you can go to Ehmyr and do not accept the reward for another positive choice.
  • During the main quest Final Preparations, tell Ciri You'll do fine on your own and she will meet the sorceress lodge by herself.
  • In the main quest Child of the Elder Blood, tell Ciri Go for it when Ciri wants to let out her anger.
  • At the end of Child of the Elder Blood, Ciri will ask to visit the grave of Skjall. Choose the dialogue I'll go with you for another positive choice.

Best Geralt Ending

Romancing Either is the Best Ending for Geralt

Geralt Yeneffer ending.jpg
Either of the two can be considered as "best", as it will depend on the player's preference. But it can be agreed that either of them is better than Geralt ending up alone.

To choose a romantic partner for Geralt you will need to complete either of the 2 required side quests and choose the necessary choices. To romance Yeneffer you will need to complete the side quest The Last Wish and choose the dialogue choice [I still love you, too].

For Triss, you will need to complete the side quest A Matter of Life and Death to get Now or Never. At the end of Now or Never, you will need to ask her to stay then choose the dialogue choice [I love you].

More information on how to romance Triss or Yennefer in the guide below:
Romance Guide

Best Outcome of the War

Nilfgaard Winning the War is the Best Outcome

Nilfgaard Wins the War.jpg
Nilfgaard can be considered as the best outcome of the war. With Radovid being a murderous tyrant and Dijkstra a morally questionable choice, it is easier to think Nilfgaard winning and restoring Temeria is better. It is necessary for Nilfgaard to win to get the Empress Ciri ending.

For Nilfgaard to win the war, you will need to finish the side quest Reason of State and choose to help Roche. You will need to complete the side quests An Eye for an Eye, Redania's Most Wanted, and A Deadly Plot.

Best Ruler for Skellige

Cerys is the Best Ruler for Skellige

Cerys Queen ending.jpg
Cerys would be the best ruler for Skellige. Unlike her hot-headed brother, Cerys decides to focus on improving life in Skellige rather than shedding the blood of enemies and allies.

Getting Cerys to become the queen of Skellige requires you to choose to help her in the side quest King's Gambit. For you to unlock it, you will need to complete the side quests, Possession and The Lord of Undvik.


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