How to Farm Bone Fragments

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This is a guide to farming Bone Fragments in Valheim. Learn how to get Bone Fragments quickly, how Bone Fragments can be used, and the materials required to craft Bone Fragments.

Bone Fragments Basic Information

Name Bone Fragments ImageBone Fragments
Item Type Material
Weight 0.5
Description A pile of shattered bones.
Max Capacity 50
Item Spawn Code BoneFragments

How to Get Bone Fragments

Enter Dungeons

Obtained from Dungeons.png

Dungeons like Burial Chambers and Sunken Crypts are home to skeletons that mainly drop bone fragments. Look for these places in Black Forest and Swamp biomes respectively!

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Look for Evil Bone Piles

Bone Piles

Evil Bone Piles are the Skeleton spawners of the game. They appear in the Burial Chamber dungeons and occasionally in the swamp. If you want a consistent source of bone fragments, look for one and camp there. Be careful though, Skeletons can overwhelm you if you don't manage their numbers properly!

Dropped by Enemy

Enemy Enemy Lv. Qty. Drop Rate
Skeleton 1 1 100%
Skeleton 2 2 100%
Skeleton 3 4 100%
Rancid Remains 1 3 100%
Rancid Remains 2 6 100%
Rancid Remains 3 12 100%

Can Be Spawned with Console Command

If you don't mind using cheats to obtain it, Bone Fragments can easily be spawned with the console command.

To spawn the item, first turn on cheat codes by typing devcommands in the F5 console, and use the spawn BoneFragments command to create the item.

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How to Use Bone Fragments

Craftable Armor

Item Name Crafting Station Type Materials Needed
Deer Hide Cape Workbench (Lv. 2) Bone Fragments x5
Deer Hide x4
Troll Hide Cape Workbench (Lv. 3) Bone Fragments x10
Troll Hide x10
Troll Leather Helmet Workbench (Lv. 3) Bone Fragments x3
Troll Hide x5

Used to Construct Buildings

Building Name Required Crafting Station Materials Needed
Yuleklapp (Yellow) Workbench Bone Fragments x1
Fine Wood x2

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