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Welcome to Game8's The First Descendant wiki walkthrough and guide. Learn everything there is to know about The First Descendant, including our Tier List, builds for all characters, story and mission walkthroughs, and more!

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The First Descendant News

Server Maintenance July 18

The First Descendant will be undergoing server maintenance on July 18, 2024, from 00:00 to 05:00 PDT. Not much has been revealed about the reasons for the maintenance except for fixing game errors.

Server Maintenance Update

All News

The First Descendant - News Partial

Latest News and Game Info


Updates and Patches
Hotfix 1.0.1
July 5, 2024
Hotfix 1.0.2
July 11, 2024
Hotfix 1.0.3
July 18, 2024
Client Patch Notice
July 19, 2024

Updates and Patches

Other News

Required Specs Twitch Drops Rewards
July 3 Server Maintenance How to Fix Error Code LE:13
Settings Guide Beta Test Rewards
How to Download How to Fix Out of Video Error
How to Fix Black Screen Is The First Descendant Pay to Win
Crossplay: Is there Cross-Platform? How to Fix Black Screen
Available Platforms and Consoles Multiplayer Guide
All DLC and Microtransactions -

The First Descendant Beginner's Guide

The First Descendant - Tips and Tricks.png

Beginner's Guide and Other Tips

Other Tips and Tricks

All Starter Guides

Starter Guides
Best Starter Character How to Increase Mastery Rank
How to Fast Travel How to Add Friends
How to Set Up a Controller How to Recover HP and MP
Is There Fall Damage? How to Change Player Name
How to Climb High Places Status and HUD Explained
How to Change Weapons How to Destroy Void Fragments
Weapon Farming Guide Recommended Caliber Uses
What is Frame Generation? How to Equip or Unequip Reactors
Cause of Crashes and Possible Fixes How to Increase DPS
How to Refill Ammo How to Emote
What Does DBNO Mean? How to Farm Gold
All Arche Echo Locations Enemy Weakness Chart
How to Access Cash Shop How Long to Beat
Combat Guide -

All Advanced Guides

Advanced Guides
Advanced Tips and Tricks EXP Farming Guide: How to Level Up Fast
List of All Trophies Best Module Enhancements
How to Find Encrypted Vaults Ultimate Descendants Explained
What is the Max Level? What to Research at the Research Institute?
How to Increase Inventory Space Hard Mode Guide
Weapon Proficiency Explained How to Increase Mastery Rank
How to Increase Module Capacity How to Obtain Higher Rarity Weapons
How to Infiltrate Outposts How to Reset Descendant Level
What is the Defense Cap? Post-Game Guide
How to Add Elements How to Upgrade Weapons
Battle Pass Guide How to Combine Modules

The First Descendant Tier Lists

The First Descendant - Tier Lists

Best Characters Tier List

Overall Character Tier List

SS Rank Icon
GleyGley First Descendant - Enzo IconEnzo
S Rank Icon
AjaxAjax ValbyValby BunnyBunny LepicLepic
A Rank Icon
KyleKyle BlairBlair FreynaFreyna JayberJayber
B Rank Icon
SharenSharen First Descendant - Yujin IconYujin First Descendant - Esiemo IconEsiemo ViessaViessa

Other Tier Lists

Tier List Guides
Best Weapons Tier List -

The First Descendant Characters

The First Descendant - Characters

List of All Characters

All Characters

The First Descendant - LepicLepic The First Descendant - AjaxAjax The First Descendant - ViessaViessa The First Descendant - JayberJayber
The First Descendant - SharenSharen The First Descendant - GleyGley The First Descendant - BlairBlair The First Descendant - BunnyBunny
The First Descendant - FreynaFreyna The First Descendant - ValbyValby The First Descendant - KyleKyle The First Descendant - EsiemoEsiemo
The First Descendant - EnzoEnzo The First Descendant - YujinYujin The First Descendant - Ultimate LepicUltimate Lepic The First Descendant - Ultimate AjaxUltimate Ajax
The First Descendant - Ultimate ViessaUltimate Viessa The First Descendant - Ultimate BunnyUltimate Bunny The First Descendant - Ultimate GleyUltimate Gley

The First Descendant Weapons

The First Descendant - Weapons Front Partial Banner

List of All Weapons

Weapon Rounds

General Rounds Weapons Impact Round Weapons
Special Round Weapons High-Power Round Weapons

Weapon Rarities

Ultimate Weapons Rare Weapons
Standard Weapons -

Weapon Types

Machine Guns Assault Rifles SMGs
Beam Rifles Tactical Rifles Hand Cannons
Shotguns Scout Rifles Sniper Rifles

The First Descendant Materials

The First Descendant - Materials

All Materials and How to Get Them

All Consumable Materials

All Consumable Materials
The First Descendant - Amorphous MaterialsAmorphous Materials The First Descendant - Research MaterialsResearch Materials
The First Descendant - Void ShardsVoid Shards -

All Code Analyzers

All Code Analyzers
Code Analyzer Precision Code Analyzer Ultra-Precision Code Analyzer

All Code Breakers

All Code Breaker
Code Breaker Precision Code Breaker Ultra-Precision Code Breaker

All Shape Stabilizers

All Shape Stabilizers
How to Get and Use Shape Stabilizers

The First Descendant Main Quests Walkthrough

The First Descendant - Main Quests.png

Main Quest Walkthrough

All Mission Types

Zone Recon Calling of the Descendant

Kingston Missions

Field Communications Center Urban District The Last Emergency Communicator
Kingston Communications Repeater Vulgus Field Generator Magister Lab
Suspicious Battery Pack Vulgus Data Transmitter Kingston Surveillance Radar
Slumber Valley

Sterile Land Missions

Anticipated Ambush Point Deception Transmitter Patrol Route
External Reactor Kuiper Mine Kuiper Refinery
Kuiper Storage Tank The Barracks The Base's Power Grid
Defense Garrison Rally Point High-powered Jammer The Forgottense
Logistics Facility Wastewater Treatment Plant Weapon Processing Facility
Large Nuclear Reactor Biological Research Facility Weapons Engineering Facility
Unknown Laboratory

Vespers Missions

Lakeside Floodplain Old Surveillance Station
Ruins Courtyard Ruins Underground Entrance Destroyed Temple
Captured Base Abandoned Village Mossy Colossus
Sepulcher Ancient Giant Tree Supply Depot
Timberfall Power Facility Organic Recording Material The Shelter

Echo Swamp Missions

Arche Motion Sensor The Tree of Truth Environment Contamination Zone
Abandoned Refinery Unit Seed Vault Hazy Swamp
Traces of Colossi Interceptions Kuiper Transport Route Verdant Greenery
Field Energy Station Emergency Landing Strip Ghost Marsh
The Chapel

Agna Desert Missions

Baggage Transport Waste Rock Cave Base Surveillance Location
The Asylum Outpost Workshop Abandoned Reconstruction Site
Stolen Spectral Digger Kuiper Depot Previous Construct Team Quarters
Excavation Team Directional Radar Ossuary Mining Beacon
Caligo Ossuary Heavy Equipment Entry Path Commanding Ground

White-night Gulch Missions

Order's Patrol Beat Decoy Operation Zone Triumphal Arch
Ancient Transmission Detection Facility Borderline of Truth Cave Rally Point
Water-Cooling Recording Device Forgotten Comms Device Deployment Area of the Order's Forces
Mystery's End Order's Veil Order's Occupied Facility
Eye of Truth Order Supply Warehouse Fortress Outskirts
Fortress Control Facility Fortress Courtyard DNA Detector Spray Zone
Altar Upper Hatchery Lower Hatchery

Hagios Missions

Vulgus Blockade Recon's Squad Trail Ally Retreat Route
Ransacked Village Crimson Contaminated Area Deep Digger
The Haven Large Supply Transport Point Ruins Modification Base
The Cliff Cargo Management Zone Broadband Fleet Beacon
Antiaircraft Defensive Position The Passage to the Ruins Ancient Quantum Facility
Ruins Guard Facility Tethered Energy Position Old Mystery

Fortress Missions

Outlying Communications Facility Snowy Heights Gate System Control Network
Munitions Loading Dock Command Relay Ship Charging Facility
Frozen Shipyard Quarantine Zone Giant Hangar
High-Thermal Source Detected Zone Central Control Unit Destroyed Base
Explosive Debris Fortress Command Entrance Heart of the Fortress

The First Descendant Sub Quests

The First Descendant - Sub Quests partial

List of Sub Quests

List of Sub Quests

Follow Their Traces Magister's Hidden Assets
In Search of the Relic The Traces Continue

Full Questlines

Bunny Questline

The First Descendant Void Intercept Battles

The First Descendant - Void Intercept

Void Intercept Battle Guide

Void Intercept Guides

Normal Difficulty
Grave Walker Devourer
Dead Bride Stunning Beauty
Executioner Pyromaniac
Swamp Walker Hanged Man
Hard Difficulty
Devourer Executioner
Dead Bride Pyromaniac
Swamp Walker Obstructer
Frost Walker Molten Fortress

The First Descendant Reactors

The First Descendant - Reactors Front Page Partial Banner.png

Reactors Guide

The First Descendant Modules

The First Descendant - Modules Front Page Partial Banner.png

List of All Modules

Modules by Type

Descendant Modules Weapon Modules

The First Descendant External Components

The First Descendant - External Components Front Page Partial Banner.png

List of External Components

External Components by Type

Auxiliary Power Memory
Processor Sensor

About The First Descendant

Game Information

Release Date July 2, 2024
Full Title The First Descendant
Developer NEXON Games
Price Free-to-play with in-game purchases
Genre Action RPG
Platforms ・PC
・Playstation 4 and 5
・Xbox Series X|S
・Xbox One
Website Official Website
Twitter Official Twitter Account
YouTube Official YouTube Account

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