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List of Legendary Pokemon

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This is a list of all Legendary Pokemon found in the game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to find out how to get all of these super-rare Pokemon!

List of Legendary Pokemon

Pokemon Location / How to Get
Articuno ImageArticuno Frosty Forest
After beating the game, return to Frosty Forest and beat Articuno
Zapdos ImageZapdos Mt. Thunder
After completing the game, return to Mt. Thunder and beat Zapdos
Moltres ImageMoltres Mt. Blaze
After beating the game, return to Mt. Blaze and beat Moltres
Mew ImageMew Coming soon!
Raikou ImageRaikou Lightning Field
Coming soon!
Entei ImageEntei Fiery Field
Coming soon!
Suicune ImageSuicune Northwind Field
Coming soon!
Lugia ImageLugia Silver Trench
Coming soon!
Ho-Oh ImageHo-Oh Mt. Faraway
Coming soon!
Celebi ImageCelebi Coming soon!
Regirock ImageRegirock Buried Relic
Coming soon!
Regice ImageRegice Buried Relic
Coming soon!
Registeel ImageRegisteel Buried Relic
Coming soon!
Kyogre ImageKyogre Stormy Sea
Coming soon!
Groudon ImageGroudon Magma Cavern
Coming soon!
Jirachi ImageJirachi Wish Cave
Coming soon!
Deoxys ImageDeoxys Meteor Cave
Coming soon!

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Starter Pokemon

Cyndaquil ImageCyndaquil Totodile ImageTotodile Pikachu ImagePikachu Mudkip ImageMudkip
Treecko ImageTreecko Psyduck ImagePsyduck Chikorita ImageChikorita Charmander ImageCharmander
Bulbasaur ImageBulbasaur Torchic ImageTorchic Cubone ImageCubone Machop ImageMachop
Eevee ImageEevee Squirtle ImageSquirtle Skitty ImageSkitty Meowth ImageMeowth

Pokemon by Type

Pokemon by Type
Fire.jpegFire Water.jpegWater Grass.jpegGrass
Electric.jpegElectric Ice.jpegIce Fighting.jpegFighting
Poison.jpegPoison Ground.jpegGround Flying.jpegFlying
Psychic.jpegPsychic Bug.jpegBug Rock.jpegRock
Ghost.jpegGhost Dragon.jpegDragon Dark.jpegDark
Fairy.jpegFairy Steel.jpegSteel Normal.jpegNormal

Legendary Pokemon

List of Legendary Pokemon


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