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This page is about Oleksiy, an NPC in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (XC1). Check the page to know Oleksiy's location, which quests Oleksiy can give, and tradable items Oleksiy has!

Oleksiy General Info

Oleksiy Location(s)

Satorl Marsh Nopon Refuge All Day
Colony 6 Watchtower 15:00 - 3:00
Colony 9 Commercial District 18:00 - 3:00

Oleksiy Tradable Items

Satorl Marsh (Nopon Refuge)

Overtrade Overtrade Price
Thick Rhana Hide 7440
Item Affinity
Back Atk Plus V 1
Bunnia Ham 1
Angel Engine X 2
Double Attack V 3
Upa Death Stone 3
Sacred Panther 4

Colony 6 (Watchtower)

Overtrade Overtrade Price
Small Oar 390
Item Affinity
Army Pike 1
Night Vision III 2
Flier Wing 2
Golden Cog 3
Empress Plate 3
Night Vision IV 4
Blue Light Amp 5

Colony 9 (Commercial District)

Overtrade Overtrade Price
Prairie Dragonfly 2700
Item Affinity
Dance Apple 1
Initial Tension I 1
Colony Cuffs 1
Special Bunnit Iron 3
Rough Skin 3
Clear Almond 4
Recovery Up I 4
Half-Bloom Striker 5

Available Quests from Oleksiy

Betrothal Test

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Colony 6 and Ether Mine Satorl Marsh
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