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Extra Skill Trees

This is a guide about extra Skill Trees in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition. Learn how to Unlock all of the character's extra Skill Trees and methods on how to get these hidden Skill Trees easily.

What Are Extra Skill Trees

An Unlockable Skill Tree for Each Character

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Each playable character in Xenoblade has three starting skill trees at their disposal. However, during the later stages of the game, there will be some quests that can allow your characters to learn new ones. This will greatly bump that character's strengths and unlock new possibilities with different skill links.

Skill Tree Guide: Best Skill Trees For Each Character

When Are Skill Trees Learnable?

All Skill Trees each have their own conditions before it can be learned. This varies from character to character but what all of them shares with each other is that they each require a hefty amount of progress in the story to be learned.

Fourth Skill Trees Varies but all are learnable after Chapter 12.
Fifth Skill Trees Learnable in Chapter 17

How to Unlock Extra Skill Trees

Each character have unique ways to unlock their own hidden skill trees. They come in the form of quests with varying difficulties. For a much more detailed guide for unlocking each character's skill tree, refer to the table below.

Hidden Skill Trees
Shulk Reyn
Sharla Dunban
Melia Riki

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