How to Make Potion: Medium Stamina Mead

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This is a guide about the Medium Stamina Mead in the game Valheim. Read on to learn more about its effects and how to make/craft them.

Medium Stamina Mead Basic Stats

Medium Stamina Mead.jpgMedium Stamina Mead Restores stamina.
Regenerate stamina fast.
Weight Effect Duration Max Capacity
1 Stamina: 160 2m / 120s 10

How to Make Medium Stamina Mead

Medium Stamina Mead is made by placing the following ingredient in a Fermenter and waiting for 2 in-game days.

Mead Base: Medium Stamina x1

When to Use Medium Stamina Mead

Drink this Mead when you are in a quick need of more stamina. Consuming it will recover 160 Stamina. This is effective when you are traversing long distances or constantly blocking an enemy's attack. Beware when using this, you can only drink this once per 2 minutes.

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