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Clockwork Chasm Platinum Medal Walkthrough (Collect Treasure!)

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Clockwork Chasm Platinum Medal Walkthrough

A guide to obtaining the platinum medal for the Collect Treasure! Mission: Clockwork Chasm in Pikmin 3 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch. This guide will walk you through how to clear the mission and earn a platinum medal!

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Clockwork Chasm Video Walkthrough

Note that the video above contains Japanese text. Please be patient while we work on creating an English one!

Clockwork Chasm Tips and Strategy

Divide into 3 Groups and Explore

Clockwork Chasm Image #1.jpeg

Clockwork Chasm will require some extensive exploration. Furthermore, there are many enemies that appear as well, so it is necessary to divide and conquer. Louie is not present at first, but he can be retrieved at the beginning of the mission. Be sure to quickly retrieve him.

Use the Button Wisely

Clockwork Chasm Image #2.jpeg

Using the button in this area to explore will be key. By pushing the button, the conveyer belt will switch direction, so avoid time loss when using the Go Here function or just moving normally. Make your way around by cleverly considering the direction you want to go in and using the conveyer belt.

Clockwork Chasm Platinum Medal Walkthrough

1: Split into 2 Groups and Explore

Clockwork Chasm Image #3.jpeg


First, use the Go Here function to head to the southern area where the Blue Pikmin are and use the boulders that fall from above to defeat the Yellow Wollywog. Head to the second level area where the Blue Pikmin are after defeating the enemy using the Go Here function.


After plucking the Red Pikmin in front of you, immediately have them absorb Nectar and blossom their flowers. Press the yellow button and while defeating the enemy on the right-hand side use the remaining Pikmin to destroy the dirt wall with a charge attack. After destroying the wall, pass by the side of the water area, and then defeat the enemies and retrieve the Sunseed Berry.

During this time, use the Dodge Whistle to go retrieve the Rock Pikmin located at the northern area of the map.

2: Perform Retrieval Work while Exploring

Clockwork Chasm Image #4.jpeg


After plucking the Blue Pikmin, defeat the nearby enemy and head even further up. Once you have plucked the Blue Pikmin, use the Ultra-Spicy Spray on them and defeat the Fiery Blowhog. Afterward, retrieve the nearby Juicy Gaggle, the Fiery Blowhog, and Louie.

Carry your remaining Pikmin and descend to the lower level and retrieve the Heroine's Tear. After retrieval, descend to the lower northern level and interrupt the fruit retrieval to have your Pikmin perform a charge attack at the rubble pieces.


After retrieving the Rock Pikmin, use the Go Here function to go to the glass wall. Destroy the glass wall with the Rock Pikmin. After destroying it, crack the egg and charge the Red and Rock Pikmin at the Nectar in order to bloom.


Have Louie take the Pikmin who are finished with retrieval and reunite with Brittany. Then, head to the area where Olimar is located. On the way there retrieve Rock Pikmin while also heading to the upper northern area of the map.

After defeating the enemies, throw Brittany and the Rock Pikmin to the lower eastern level. Use the remaining Pikmin to charge attack the nearby rubble pieces.

3:Explore in Detail

Clockwork Chasm Image #5.jpeg


After gathering the Pikmin who retrieved the rubble pieces, use the Go Here function to head to the area in the northwest where the Red Pikmin are located. Upon arrival, break open the egg and bloom their flowers. Also be sure to collect the Pocked Airhead, Stellar Extrusion, and Face Wrinkler while defeating the enemies in this area.

Head to the right side a bit in order to retrieve a fallen Bomb Rock, and then use the Go Here function to go to near the water area in the center of the map.


After blooming the Rock Pikmin, retrieve the fruit and return to the upper level. Call back the Pikmin that Louie left behind and defeat the enemy. Also, be sure to retrieve the Nuggets.


Call back the Pikmin who have retrieved the pieces and throw 1 Pikmin at the blue button. After that, dissolve your squad and head to the starting area using the Go Here function alone.

4: Explore an Undeveloped Area + Retrieval

Clockwork Chasm Image #6.jpeg


Throw the Bomb Rock into the water area and go toward near the water area on the right-hand side of the starting area using the Go Here function. Retrieve the submerged Bomb Rock and defeat and retrieve the Fiery Blowhog located in the northeast area. Afterward, return to the starting area using the Go Here function.


Head to the water area Olimar was at with the Pikmin who have finished retrieving the Nuggets. Defeat the submerged enemies with the Blue Pikmin and retrieve them. Afterward, return to the starting area.

Reunite with Louie and explore the southern area with Red and Rock Pikmin. Throw several Pikmin into the sandpit and have the remaining Pikmin destroy the dirt wall with a charge attack.

5: Finish Up by Defeating Enemies and Retrieving Them

Clockwork Chasm Image #7.jpeg


After destroying the dirt wall, descend to the lower level on the right-hand side and defeat the Waddlepus. Retrieve the Blue Pikmin and the Bomb Rock. Apply the Ultra-Spicy Spray and throw the Bomb Rock down to the lower level. After that, gang up on the enemy and defeat them. Push the yellow button and have the remaining Pikmin charge attack the rubble pieces to retrieve them.


After throwing Brittany, immediately use the Nectar and head to the starting area using the Go Here function. Then round up the remaining enemies that have yet to be retrieved.


Head to the northern area where Brittany is located. Help support the retrieval of the Nuggets. Afterwards, return to the starting area and defeat the remaining enemies and retrieve them.

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