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Where's Brittany? Walkthrough

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A walkthrough for Where's Brittany? in Pikmin 3 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch. This section will cover reuniting with Brittany in the Garden of Hope, as well as meeting up with Rock Pikmin. Read on for a full list of objectives during this section!

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Exploration Day 1 The Captain's Signal?

Fruit That Can Be Recovered
Sunseed Berry IconSunseed Berry Face Wrinkler IconFace Wrinkler

Where's Brittany? Walkthrough

List of Objectives

No. Objective
1 Break the Dirt Wall
2 Carry the Pieces Found to the Northwest
3 Carry the Pieces Found Behind the Dirt Wall and Complete the Bridge
4 Defeat the Bulborb abd Break the Dirt Wall
5 Befriend the Rock Pikmin in the Southeast Cave
6 Break the Glass Wall and Find Brittany
7 Work with Britanny and Retrieve the Face Wrinkler
8 Carry the Fragments Found to the East and Complete the Bridge

1: Break the Dirt Wall

Break the Dirt Wall.jpg

After calling your Pikmin that are standing under the Onion, use them to break the dirt wall. We recommend leaving a few Pikmin behind and using them to gather the nearby pellets and defeat the Dward Bulborb to increase your Red Pikmin.

Time is limited from Day 2 and onward, so be sure to work efficiently. The remaining food resoucres will only last for two more days, so try to gather fruit while searching for Brittany.

2: Carry the Fragments Found to the Northwest

Carry the Northeast Fragments.jpg

Continue through the broken wall and have your Pikmin carry the pieces of rubble. While carrying the fragments, the Dward Bulborb will eat some Pikmin if you have not yet defeated it, so it is best to defeat it beforehand.

3: Carry the Fragments Found Behind the Dirt Wall and Complete the Bridge

Carry the Fragments from beyond the dirt wall.jpg

When finishing up transporting the pieces of rubble in the northeast, the southern dirt wall should already be broken. Gather the idle Pikmin and have them help with completing the bridge.

4: Defeat the Bulborb abd Break the Dirt Wall

Defeat the Bulborb and break the Dirt Wall.jpg

After crossing the bridge you will find a sleeping Bulbord by a dirt wall. Sneak up behind it while it is sleeping and have the Pikmin attack it. After killing it, have some Pikmin retrieve the Bulborb and use the remaining Pikmin to begin breaking the dirt wall.

On a Ledge Near Brittany is a Sunseed Berry.jpg

On a ledge, near where Brittany is trapped, you can find Sunseed Berry.

5: Befriend the Rock Pikmin in the Southeast Cave

Discover the Rock Pikmin in the Southeast cave.jpg

After opening the dirt wall and continuing forward some, you will discover Brittany. However, she is trapped behind a glass wall and you cannot meet with her, so head to the southeast cave to discover the Rock Pikmin.

When you enter the cave, a Medusal Slurker will appear. If a Pikmin enters its shadow, it will be taken in. Attack by throwing Pikmin while also being careful to enter its shadow. After defeating the Medusal Slurker, the Rock Pikmin will be freed, and you will be able to free the Onion by throwing the Rock Pikmin at the nearby crystal. Don't worry if your Pikmin get swallowed by the Medusal Slurker, they will be freed after defeating it.

Rock Pikmin Abilities and Where to Find

6: Break the Glass Wall and Meetup with Brittany

Use the Rock Pikmin to break the glass wall and find Brittany.jpg

After rescuing the Rock Pikmin, break the two glass walls by throwing the Rock Pikmin. After breaking both walls, we can finally reunite with Brittany.

7: Work with Britanny and Retrieve the Face Wrinkler

Reunited with Brittany get the Face Wrinkler.jpg

After meeting up with Brittany, you will able to perform work that you could not perform alone. Throw Brittany and some Pikmin onto the brick below the Face Wrinkler, and then change leaders to her in order to throw the Pikmin to the fruit and retrieve the Face Wrinkler.

From day 2 and onward, fruits are hidden at various points. Try to efficiently retrieve the fruit while referring to the map.

8: Carry the Fragments Found to the East and Complete the Bridge

Carry the east Fragments and build the bridge.jpg

After reuniting with Brittany, transport the two piles of fragments found on the other across the bridge to complete another bridge. After it has been reconstructed, a route closer to the Drake will be open up which will help with fruit retrieval.

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