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Battle Enemies! Missions List and Platinum Medal Guide

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This is the walkthrough list for all platinum medals obtainable in the Battle Enemies! Missions in Pikmin 3 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch. Continue reading to find hints about how to efficiently defeat enemies.

Battle Enemies! Platinum Medal Walkthroughs

Tropical Forest.png1: Tropical Forest Silver Lake.png2: Silver Lake
Thirsty Desert.png3: Thirsty Desert Twilight Hollow.png4: Twilight Hollow
Shaded Garden Remix.png5: Shaded Garden Remix Tropical Wilds Remix.png6: Tropical Wilds Remix
Garden of Hope Remix.png7: Garden of Hope Remix Distant Tundra Remix.png8: Distant Tundra Remix
Twilight River Remix.png9: Twilight River Remix Formidable Oak Remix.png10: Formidable Oak Remix
Fortress of Festivities.png11: Fortress of Festivities The Rustyard.png12: The Rustyard
Beastly Caverns.png13: Beastly Caverns Forgotten Cove.png14: Forgotten Cove
Clockwork Chasm.png15: Clockwork Chasm -

Battle Enemies! Tips and Tricks

Defeat Large Enemies with the Bomb Rock

Battle Enemies Image.png

It is important to defeat large enemies like the Orange Bulborb and Spotty Bulbear with the Bomb Rock during Battle Enemies! Large enemies have a lot of health and can easily defeat Pikmin. When there is a Bomb Rock, be sure to use it on enemies instead of walls.

Defeat Small Enemies with One Blow

When aiming for a platinum medal when battling enemies, be sure to defeat small enemies in one blow due to the short time limit. Practicing aiming at the smaller enemies and defeating them several times on the stage will make taking them down go more smoothly.

Do Not Gather Bridge Pieces

Unlike collecting treasure, when battling enemies, it is not necessary to transport bridge pieces. You can instead save a great amount of time by throwing a leader over a gap, making it easier to increase your score.

Do Not Increase Your Pikmin Numbers More than Necessary

Battle Enemies Image #2.png

On missions where you defeat enemies, defeating creatures and recovering them will increase your Pikmin. However, returning to the start to pluck the Pikmin takes time, so increasing your Pikmin above what is necessary will cost too much time.

Therefore, carefully determine what type of Pikmin you will need for each stage and challenge the level with the minimum required amount of Pikmin.

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