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How to Get Purple Pikmin: Abilities and Modes They Appear In

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Purple Pikmin Guide

This is a guide to Purple Pikmin and their abilities in Pikmin 3 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch. Learn the abilities and strengths of the Purple Pikmin, as well as which game modes you can play them in!

Types of Pikmin
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Purple Pikmin Abilities

Heavyweight Pikmin that can lift more than other Pikmin

Purple Pikmin Strength

Purple Pikmin are the Heavyweight Pikmin. In Pikmin 2 they were the most powerful type of Pikmin, but in Pikmin 3, they no longer hold that characteristic. However, they do retain their immense strength. What would usually take 10 other colored Pikmin to carry an item only takes 1 Purple Pikmin to carry.

While they do have a unique pummel attack, their main use is for carrying fruit and other items.

Slowest movement speed in Pikmin

Purple Pikmin Slow

What Purple Pikmin make up for with their heavyweight advantage is in contrast with their lack of Movement Speed. Purple Pikmin have very low MS, making them the slowest moving Pikmin in the game.

Keep this in mind as they carry resources to your base. You may use less Pikmin for the task, but at the cost of a slower travel time.

Turn them into flowers

If you allow your Purple Pikmin to evolve flowers, their movement speed will increase enough so that it doesn't really become a problem. For this, leave them in the ground until they have matured.

Game Modes with Purple Pikmin

Mission Mode and Bingo Battle Only

Purple Pikmin can only be used when you play Mission Mode or do Bingo Battles. Unlike other Pikmin, Purple Pikmin are rare and cannot be spawned through an Onion Nest in the regular story mode.

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