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Looking for Louie Platinum Medal Walkthrough and How to Unlock

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Looking for Louie Walkthrough

A walkthrough for the Looking For Louie Side Story in Pikmin 3 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch. This guide will show tips and strategy for getting a platinum medal in this mission, as well as how to unlock Looking For Louie, the seventh mission in Olimar's Comeback.

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Channel Gone Dry Big Fruit Carnival

Looking For Louie General Info

Mission Info

Mission Name Day 7: Looking For Louie
Objective Find Louie!
Time Limit 14:00
Clear Condition Earn at least a Bronze Medal

How to Unlock Looking For Louie

Earn a Bronze Medal or higher in Channel Gone Dry

Channel Gone Dry.jpg

Looking For Louie is unlocked after completing Day 6: Channel Gone Dry with a Bronze medal or better. If you make efficient use of character switching while waiting on Pikmin to be plucked or walls to be torn down, getting Bronze should be a piece of cake.

Channel Gone Dry Platinum Medal Walkthrough and How to Unlock

Looking For Louie Walkthrough

Looking For Louie Key Points
CheckmarkDon't worry about increasing Pikmin

CheckmarkTry to avoid battling any enemies

CheckmarkDon't waste Bomb Rocks

CheckmarkSwitch leaders when waiting

Don't worry about increasing Pikmin

Plucking Pickmin.jpg

You can get through Looking for Louie without carrying any enemy remains to the onion by just plucking Pikmin you come across on your path. Go for a faster clear time by not having to backtrack to the onion.

Try to avoid battling any enemies

Try to avoid enemies.jpg

There are a ton of strong enemies in this mission, like Spotty Bulbears. There won't be enough time or Pikmin to defeat them all, so avoid fighting enemies when you can run past them.

The Hermit Crawmad shown in the picture can't actually reach your Yellow Pikmin while they are breaking the wall, so you can just ignore it.

Don't waste Bomb Rocks

Bomb Rocks.jpg

There are several walls in this mission which can only be broken via bomb rocks. While there are a couple spare bombs, it's a good idea to avoid wasting any of them as much as possible.

The Whiptongue Bulborb shown in the picture drops a Bomb Rock, so if it's an enemy that blocks you path like this one, you can throw a bomb rock at it.

How to Use Bomb Rocks

Switch leaders when waiting

Switch leaders when waiting.jpg
Louie and Olimar are in different areas for the entire mission, and your goal is to reunite them. Since you're already split up, you should be sure to switch over when you are waiting for Pikmin to finish digging up a mound, etc. to conserve time.

How to Switch Characters

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Channel Gone Dry Big Fruit Carnival

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