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Collect Treasure! Missions List and Platinum Medal Guide

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This is the walkthrough list for all platinum medals obtainable in the Collect Treasure! Missions in Pikmin 3 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch. Continue reading to find hints about how to obtain treasures!

Collect Treasure! Platinum Medal Walkthroughs

Tropical Forest Area Picture.jpeg1: Tropical Forest Silver Lake Area Picture.jpeg2: Silver Lake
Thirsty Desert Area Picture.jpeg3: Thirsty Desert Twilight Hollow Area Picture.jpeg4: Twilight Hollow
Shaded Garden Area Picture.jpeg5: Shaded Garden Tropical Forest Remix Area Picture.jpeg6: Tropical Forest Remix
Silver Lake Remix Area Picture.jpeg7: Silver Lake Remix Thirsty Desert Remix Area Picture.jpeg8: Thirsty Desert Remix
Twilight Hollow Remix Area Picture.jpeg9: Twilght Hollow Remix Shaded Garden Remix Area Picture.jpeg10: Shaded Garden Remix
Fortress of Festivity Area Picture.jpeg11: Fortess of Festivity The Rustyard Area Picture.jpeg12: The Rustyard
Beastly Caverns Area Picture.jpeg13: Beastly Caverns Forgotten Cove Area Picture.jpeg14: Forgotten Cove
Clockwork Chasm Area Picture.jpeg15: Clockwork Chasm -

All Badges and How to Unlock

Collect Treasure! Tips and Tricks

Efficiently Use the Go Here Feature

During Collect Treasure! missions, the most important tool is effectively using the Go Here function. Missions will usually have 2 to 3 leaders progressing together. In order to not have one leader doing nothing, make use of the Go Here function to save time.

Divide Work and Effectively Recover Items

In order to obtain a platinum medal when gathering treasure, you must divide your work to effeciently recover fruits or enemies. Divide your work so that one team destroys a wall while another defeats an enemy and aim or a platinum medal!

Prioritize Recoveries from Far Places First

If fruits or enemies located far away are recovered first, it will be easy to save time. Things that are close to the starting point can be recovered at any time, so Pikmin on standby near the starting area can recover them. When working, recover items starting from the furthest ones first.

Gathering Nuggets in the Begining or Middle Stage Makes the Remaining Level Easier

When retrieving items in Collect Treasure! mode, the most dangerous items are Nuggets. Nuggets must be taken back one at a time to the starting site and will take up significant time no matter what. In some cases, there can be as many as 100 or 77 Nuggets, so confirm your Pikmin numbers and decide the transportation priority of them.

Use the Bomb Rocks on Enemies, Not Walls

During Collect Treasure! mode, Pikmin numbers cannot be increased using the Onion. Becuase you only have a set amount, use Bomb Rocks on dangerous enemies instead of walls.

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