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Big Fruit Carnival Platinum Medal Walkthrough and How to Unlock

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A walkthrough for the Big Fruit Carnival Side Story in Pikmin 3 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch. This guide will show tips and strategy for getting a platinum medal in this mission, as well as how to unlock Big Fruit Carnival, the eighth mission in Olimar's Comeback.

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Big Fruit Carnival General Info

Mission Info

Mission Name Day 8: Big Fruit Carnival
Objective Collect Fruits!
Time Limit 15:00
Clear Condition Earn at least a Bronze Medal

How to Unlock Big Fruit Carnival

Earn a Bronze Medal or higher in Looking for Louie

Looking for Louie.jpg

Big Fruit Carnival is unlocked after completing Day 7: Looking For Louie with a Bronze medal or better. If you speed through the level and avoid battling with enemies, you should be able to get a Bronze medal.

Looking for Louie Platinum Medal Walkthrough and How to Unlock

Big Fruit Carnival Walkthrough

Big Fruit Carnival Key Points
CheckmarkFirst get more Winged Pikmin

CheckmarkFight tougher enemies after getting Blue Pikmin

CheckmarkHave the Winged Pikmin do the carrying

CheckmarkCheck fruit locations on the map

CheckmarkWatch out for buried fruit

First get more Winged Pikmin

Get more Winged Pikmin.jpg

Take out the Dwarf Bulborbs at the beginning by charging your Winged Pikmin at them while they are turned around. Bring their remains back to the onion, and collect all pellets in the area to have a lot more Winged Pikmin. It helps to leave a leader at the onion so they can pluck all new Pikmin.

Pikmin Types | How to Get More Pikmin

Fight tougher enemies after getting Blue Pikmin

Fight with Blue Pikmin.jpg

There are a few tough enemies, like the Orange Bulborb, which are much easier to take out with the help of the Blue Pikmin, since Winged Pikmin are rather weak.

However, if you have picked up some Ultra Spicy Nectar, you can spray your team and have all Pikmin charge at it while it sleeps to make rather quick work of it. Take out the second Orange Bulborb while the spray is still active to restock your spray, which can then be used again against the Bug-Eyed Crawmad.

Have the Winged Pikmin do the carrying

Carry with Winged Pikmin.jpg

Each time you find a fruit, have your Winged Pikmin be the ones to caryy it. They are able to take shortcuts and go over paths inaccessible to Blue Pikmin.

Check fruit locations on the map

There are a few enemies that drop fruit when defeated in this mission. The green circles on the map are enemies, but the ones that light up are enemies that have swallowed fruit, so be sure and check which ones have fruit beforehand.

Watch out for buried fruit

Buried Fruit

Though rather small, there is fruit buried in the ground. If you want a platinum medal, you'll need to get all fruit, so be sure not to miss this one.

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