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Ultra-Spicy Guide: Tips for Beating Pikmin 3 on Ultra-Spicy Difficulty

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This is an Ultra-Spicy guide to the Ultra-Spicy Difficulty in Pikmin 3 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch. Below are the things you should take note of before and during an Ultra-Spicy Difficulty run!

Ultra-Spicy Difficulty Tips

Ultra-Spicy Difficulty Info

Difficulty Level
Daily Time Limit: ~13 Minutes
Max Number of Pikmin Out: 60
Other Differences
・Enemy HP Up
・Less juice obtained from fruits

Ultra-Spicy Difficulty includes relatively harder changes that will surely spice up the playthrough. Enemies get buffs while the player get nerfs.

The shorter daily time limit and less juice from fruits make sure you don't waste time on anything else other than surviving and completing the main story.

How to Unlock Ultra-Spicy Difficulty

Play the Story on Normal Difficulty

Attacking Female Sheargrubs.jpg

Before testing your skills on an Ultra-Spicy Difficulty run, we recommend playing through the main story on Normal Difficulty first. This is so you can get used to the controls and techniques for completing each task on each chapter.

While playing on an easier difficulty on your first run, try to memorize the attack patterns of each enemies, especially bosses, so you can deal with them easier on the hardest difficulty.

You can also go with Hard Difficulty on your first playthrough but you'll have less time per day, which means you'll also get less opportunity to explore the map and hone your skills.

Story Mode Walkthrough

Divide Tasks Evenly

Go here function.jpg

In an Ultra-Spicy Difficulty run, you'll get less juice from fruits and shorter time per day so make sure each leader has tasks to do that will contribute to the progression of the story, one of the reasons you should familiarize yourself with each map on an easier difficulty first.

Remember to make use of the Go here function to move leaders to a different location rather than manually moving them yourself.

You can try out the Mission Mode to challenge yourself and improve your skills in dividing tasks and efficiently controlling each leader if you're having trouble with these.

Mission Mode Guide and List of Missions

Try to Avoid Combat


Think of this run as a stealth mission and you do not have to defeat all enemies you encounter. Enemies have increased health so you can back down if you're unsure that you can defeat an enemy without losing most of your Pikmin.

Engage an enemy only if you don't have a choice or if you want to take it back to the Onion for more Pikmin, just be sure that you'll get much more than what you'll lose.

Piklopedia: List of All Enemies

Grab Fruits Along the Way

Underwater Fruit.jpg

If you pass by a fruit, try to grab it as soon as possible. Since juice yields are decreased in Ultra-Spicy Difficulty, you'll need as many fruits as possible.

You'll know if you have the Pikmin required to reach a fruit if you already encountered it in a previous run.

Fruit Guide: All Fruit Locations

Maximize the Whole Day

End Day.jpg

If you're done with the tasks for the day, don't end the day immediately and maximize the remaining minutes to find resources such as fruits or weak enemies that you can take back to the Onion.

You can also try removing obstacles such as walls during the last seconds. Just be sure that all your Pikmin are either near the Onion or in a squad before the day ends.

Day Length: How Long is One Day?

Ultra-Spicy Difficulty Rewards

Become a Pikmin Master!

Badge How to Obtain
Badge ImagePikmin Master Clear Story mode on Ultra-Spicy difficulty.
Complete Story Walkthrough

You'll obtain the Pikmin Master Badge for completing the story in the hardest difficulty which also contributes to a 100% game completion.

All Badges and How to Unlock

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