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Side Story Walkthrough: How to Unlock Side Stories

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This is a guide to Side Stories, a New Feature to Pikmin 3 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch. Walkthroughs for each mission in Olimar's Assignment and the epilogue, Olimar's Comeback, how to unlock Side Stories, as well as mission time limits and more can all be found within this guide!

How to Unlock Side Stories

Side Story Unlock Conditions
Checkmark"Olimar's Assignment" is unlocked after defeating the Vehemoth Phosbat

CheckmarkMore Side Stories are unlocked after clearing the Story mode

Olimar's Assignment is unlocked after defeating the Vehemoth Phosbat

Defeating the Vehemoth Phosbat.jpg

The first set of Side Stories, titled Olimar's Assignment, is unlocked immediately after defeating the Vehemoth Phosbatーthe second boss, which is fought in the Distand Tundra. It shouldn't take more than about 6 exploration days to defeat it.

Boss Battle Guide: How to Beat the Vehemoth Phosbat

Olimar's Comeback can be unlocked by clearing the Story mode

How to Unlock Olimar

Clearing the Story mode will allow you to unlock an Epilogue to the main story. Once you have defeated the final boss, the Plasm Wraith, and rescue Captain Olimar, a side story epilogue, called Olimar's Comeback will be added in beside Olimar's Assignment.

Story Mode Walkthrough

List of Side Story Missions

Olimar's Assignment

Mission How to Unlock / Objectives
Flower Garden.pngFlower Garden Unlock Condition:
Defeat the Vehemoth Phosbat in Story mode
・Collect Fruits and Nuggets!
・Time Limit: 9:00
Inside Forest.pngInside Forest Unlock Condition:
Earn a Bronze Medal or higher in the Flower Garden
・Collect Fruits and Nuggets!
・Time Limit: 10:00
The River.pngThe River Unlock Condition:
Earn a Bronze Medal or higher in The River
・Collect Fruits!
・Time Limit: 10:00
Tundra.pngTundra Unlock Condition:
Earn a Bronze Medal or higher in the Tundra
・Collect Fruits and Nuggets!
・Time Limit: 12:00

Olimar's Comeback (Epilogue)

Mission How to Unlock / Objectives
Pikmin Reunion.pngPikmin Reunion Unlock Condition
Clear Story Mode
・Collect Pikmin!
・Time Limit: 8:00
Creature Hunting.pngCreature Hunting Unlock Condition
Earn a Bronze Medal or higher in Pikmin Reunion
・Battle Enemies!
・Time Limit: 10:00
Land Sea and Sky.pngLand, Sea, and Sky Unlock Condition
Earn a Bronze Medal or higher in Creature Hunting
・Battle Enemies!
・Time Limit: 12:00
First Part Found.pngFirst Part Found Unlock Condition
Earn a Bronze Medal or higher in Land, Sea, and Sky
・Carry the Part!
・Time Limit: 12:00
Team Monster Hunt.pngTeam Monster Hunt Unlock Condition
Earn a Bronze Medal or higher in First Part Found
・Battle Enemies!
・Time Limit: 12:00
Channel Gone Dry.pngChannel Gone Dry Unlock Condition
Earn a Bronze Medal or higher in Team Monster Hunt
・Collect Fruits and Nuggets!
・Time Limit: 14:00
Looking for Louie.pngLooking for Louie Unlock Condition
Earn a Bronze Medal or higher in Channel Gone Dry
・Find Louie!
・Time Limit: 14:00
Big Fruit Carnival.pngBig Fruit Carnival Unlock Condition
Earn a Bronze Medal or higher in Looking for Louie
・Collect Fruits!
・Time Limit: 15:00
Another Part Found.pngAnother Part Found Unlock Condition
Earn a Bronze Medal or higher in Big Fruit Carnival
・Carry the Part!
・Time Limit: 13:00
The Ship Restored.pngThe Ship Restored Unlock Condition
Earn a Bronze Medal or higher in Another Part Found
・Collect parts!
・Time Limit: 13:00

Side Story Tips and Tricks

Collect and reassemble all Pikmin you see

Collect All Pikmin.jpg

With a limited supply of Pikmin in these missions, its vital that you make use of all Pikmin you can find. Pluck all Pikmin you discover buried in the ground, and make sure to go back for Pikmin who are idle after moving fruit or nuggets. Especially in the first 30 to 60 seconds, it's a good idea to try and increase the amount of each Pikmin you haveーespecially if they're good for a particular job in that stage.

Leave no corner unturned!

Hidden Fruit.png

Some fruits and nuggets are hidden in places that you won't see at first glance. Be sure and explore as much of the map as possible, being extra cautious to look in high places, and attempt to lock on to whatever you can. Moving the pointer around will help you discover hidden treasures you may have missed otherwise.

Also, enemies often hold fruit or treasure, so be sure and take them outーtougher foes are bound to hold some fruit!

Split in two and cover more ground

Switch characters.png

In Side Stories, you'll control both Olimar and Louie. With the short amount of time you're allotted, splitting up will help you explore more efficiently.

Splitting up Pikmin types is a good idea as well. For example, have one character take the Blue Pikmin to explore underwater, while another character takes the Red Pikmin to battle enemies!

Know what each Pikmin type does beforehand!

Type Abilities
Red PikminRed Pikmin ・Fire Resistant
・Highest attack power of all Pikmin
Rock PikminRock Pikmin ・Can easily break hard objects
・Immune to being stomped or trampled
Yellow PikminYellow Pikmin ・Immune to Electricity
・Can be thrown higher than other Pikmin
Blue PikminBlue Pikmin ・Only Pikmin that can move underwater
・Can perform all actions within the water

4 types of Pikmin appear

In Side Stories, you will only have to use the four Pikmin types above. Knowing what each Pikmin's strengths are beforehand is a good idea. For enemies that shoot or emit fire, use Red Pikmin; for underwater enemies or fruit, use Blue Pikmin; for electric enemies or gates, use Yellow Pikmin.

Pikmin Types | How to Get More Pikmin

Check the locations of Fruits and Nuggets on the map!

Check the Map.jpg

By pressing the Minus Button (-), you can pull up the area's map. This lets you easily check fruit and enemy locations, so if you are unsure where to go, open it up and look around! Note that the mission will automatically stop once you have collected all fruit and nuggets (or completed the objective).

Side Story Summary

Learn how Olimar and Louie wound up on PNF-404 again

Captain Olimar.png

The Side Stories of Pikmin 3 Deluxe tell the backstory of supporting characters Captain Olimar and Louie, who came to PNF-404 before Alph and company landed. This mode has Olimar and Louie collecting treasure and fruit for their company, which due to poor spending by the head of the company, is deeply in the red.

Side Stories will be unlocked by playing the main Story mode, and give an insight to some of the other characters.

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