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How to Solve the Elevator Platform Puzzle in Garden of Hope

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How to Solve the Elevator Platform Puzzle in Garden of Hope

This is a guide on how to solve the Elevator Platform Puzzle in Tropical Wilds in Pikmin 3 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn how to how to solve the elevator platform puzzle and retrieve the Zest Bomb (Lime) and Astringent Clump (Grapefruit) in Garden of Hope!

Elevator Platform Puzzle Solution (Video)

Above is a video solution for the Elevator Platform Puzzle in Garden of Hope!

How to Solve the Elevator Platform Puzzle

Toss two leaders and some Pikmin on the left elevator platform

step 1.JPG

Make sure to toss at least 5 Pikmin with the leaders in order to get the Zest Bomb.

Throw Yellow Pikmin on the right elevator platform

Step 2.JPG

Use yellow Pikmin when lowering the second elevator platform, as they can be thrown the highest, which will come in handy to get the Astringent Clump later on.

Leave the First Elevator Platform and Get the Zest Bomb

Step 3.JPG

Using the leaders on the first elevator platform, move onto the brick pillar and grab the Zesty Bomb. It will require at least 5 Pikmin to carry.

Move the leaders to the right elevator platform

Move over

Make the leaders on the brick pillar jump down onto the second elevator platform.

Throw Pikmin on the left elevator platform again

Step 4.JPG

Use the leader on the ground to toss Yellow Pikmin on the first elevator platform to weigh it down again.

Throw a leader and Pikmin onto the second brick pillar

Step 5.JPG

Using one of the raised leaders, throw the other leader and several Pikmin onto the second brick pillar. Have at least 21 Pikmin ready to throw. Have the leader on the first brick pillar join the leader on the ground.

Break the Electric Gate

Electric Gate.JPG

With the leader on the ground, use Yellow Pikmin to Break the Electric Gate which leads to the third and fourth elevator platform. This can also be done before starting the puzzle.

Throw a leader and Yellow Pikmin on the far right elevator platform

Step 7.JPG

The fourth elevator platform should still be lowered. Using the leader on the ground, throw at least 10 Yellow Pikmin and the other leader onto the fourth elevator platform.

Throw Pikmin on the Third Elevator Platform

Step 8.JPG

Command the leader on the second brick pillar to throw Pikmin on the third elevator platform. The number of pikmin on the left platform needs to be at least 10 or higher than the right platform in order to weigh it down. So if you have 10 Pikmin + a leader on the right platform, you have to throw at least 21 Pikmin to weigh it down.

Get the Astringent Clump

Astringent Clump.JPG

Once the fourth elevator platform is raised, you can reach the Astringent Clump on top of a concrete block. It will take at least 10 Pikmin to carry. Note that you can also use Winged Pikmin, which don't weigh down the platform they're on.

Before leaving, be sure to throw a leader onto the lowered right platform and toss the Pikmin off to grab the Data File.

Elevator Platform Puzzle Fruits

Astringent Clump

Astringent Clump

The main prize for solving this puzzle is the Astringent Clump. It will take 10 Pikmin to carry.

Zesty Bomb

Zesty Bomb

Another prize for solving this puzzle is a Zesty Bomb, which will take 5 Pikmin to carry.

Elevator Platform Puzzle Data Files

Captain Olimar

Right after you break the electric gate, you can retrieve this data file. Found within is an entry log from Captain Olimar.

Captain Olimar

Once you raise the first platform of the right side elevators, you can retrieve the second data file. First, you need to throw a leader on the left platform while it is lowered, then have them throw all Pikmin off of the platform to raise it.

Found within is an entry log from Captain Olimar.

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This guide is terrible. It needs to start with a declaration of how many of which color Pikmin to bring because I've followed it twice and keep getting stuck near the end because I didn't bring enough yellow Pikmin.


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