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Another Part Found Platinum Medal Walkthrough and How to Unlock

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A walkthrough for the Another Part Found Side Story in Pikmin 3 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch. This guide will show tips and strategy for getting a platinum medal in this mission, as well as how to unlock Another Part Found, the ninth mission in Olimar's Comeback.

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Another Part Found General Info

Mission Info

Mission Name Day 9: Another Part Found
Objective Carry the Part!
Time Limit 13:00
Clear Condition Earn at least a Bronze Medal

How to Unlock Another Part Found

Earn a Bronze Medal or higher in Big Fruit Carnival

Big Fruit Carnival

Another Part Found is unlocked after completing Day 8: Big Fruit Carnival with a Bronze medal or better. If you split Louie and Olimar up and work effectively, getting Bronze should be a piece of cake.

Big Fruit Carnival Platinum Medal Walkthrough and How to Unlock

Another Part Found Walkthrough

Another Part Found Key Points
CheckmarkSplit into two groups

CheckmarkThrow all Red Pikmin into the Candypop Buds

CheckmarkBe careful not to let Pikmin die

CheckmarkBreak the eggs and flower your Pikmin

CheckmarkUse 20 Pikmin to carry the part

Split into two groups

Split into two groups.jpg

There are several sections in this mission where you'll need to spend time digging up dirt mounts, breaking walls, etc. Split into two groups to cover the area more efficiently, and change characters when one is preoccupied with one of these tasks.

You can throw one leader over to the area in the image before the bridge is complete to have him start performing tasks over there.

Throw all Red Pikmin into the Candypop Buds

Use the Candypop Buds.jpg

This mission contains Yellow and Black Candypop Buds, which will change a Pikmin's color when thrown in. There are two of both. Since several Red Pikmin can be found along the path, and some sections can only be cleared with Rock or Yellow Pikmin, it is best to throw all Red Pikmin into these when you find them.

Note that these are special Candypop Buds, and they can only be used to convert 5 Pikmin each.

Be careful not to let Pikmin die

Pikmin dying.jpg

While this is true for any Side Story mission, you especially don't want to lose any Pikmin in this mission. You won't be able to get more Pikmin if you lose the ones you have, so if too many die, it will be a very hard mission to complete.

Break the eggs and flower your Pikmin


If you find any eggs, be sure to break them and have your Pikmin consume the nectar. Once they grow flowers, Pikmin will be able to work faster, so even with fewer Pikmin, you can get things done much quicker.

Use 20 Pikmin to carry the part

Carrying the part.jpg

You need at least 10 Pikmin to carry the part, but by putting 20 on it, they can move it more quickly. Especially in the last section and when the path is clear, it's a good idea to put 20 Pikmin on the part to shave off some time from your total.

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