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Thirsty Desert Remix Platinum Medal Walkthrough (Collect Treasure!)

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Thirsty Desert Remix Platinum Medal Walkthrough

A guide to obtaining the platinum medal for the Collect Treasure! Mission: Thirsty Desert Remix in Pikmin 3 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch. This guide will walk you through how to clear the mission and earn a platinum medal!

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Thirsty Desert Remix Video Walkthrough

Note that the video above contains Japanese text. Please be patient while we work on creating an English one!

Thirsty Desert Remix Tips and Strategy

Changing the Color of your Pikmin is Key

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While there are originally only Purple Pikmin in the Thirsty Desert Remix mission, you can greatly widen your effectiveness by changing a Pikmins color with a Candypop Bud. During the middle and latter halves of this mission, if you do not change their color, you will be unable to retrieve everything, so be sure to effectively use the Candypop Bud and complete the mission.

Allow your Pikmin to Bloom in order to Efficiently Transport

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Another point to utilize is allowing your Pikmin to bloom with eggs which will make transportation more efficient. During the later part of the mission, walking speed will become especially important, so be sure to let your Pikmin bloom and then transport.

Thirsty Desert Remix Platinum Medal Walkthrough

1: Retrieve Purple Pikmin

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Start by plucking the Purple Pikmin that are in front of you. After that, head to the north and throw Purple Pikmin at the Zest Bombs and Crunchy Deluges. Retrieve the Purple Pikmin located on the other side and then have Alph throw Brittany and some Purple Pikmin over to the other side.


After Alph has thrown Brittany and the Pikmin, use the Go Here function to send him to the cluster of Purple Pikmin located just north of the starting area. After retrieving the Purple Pikmin, throw some at the central area with the eggs, and use the remaining numbers to collect the Insect Condo, Sunseed Berry, and all the surrounding fruits. When finished, use the Go Here function and head back to the starting area.


Change the color of some Pikmin and also have some start to dig out the surrounding buried fruits. After that, throw a few Pikmin at the Nuggets and use the Go Here function to head towards the western area with fallen fruits. After arriving, retrieve the surrounding fruits and pluck the Purple Pikmin.

2: Retrieval Work + Color-changing Work

Thirsty Desert Remix image #4.jpeg


Have Alph through the Pikmin who have finished retrieving the fruit around the starting area over to Brittany and once again use the Go Here function to return to the starting area. After arriving, use the Purple Pikmin to retrieve the Crimson Banquet in the southeast. Afterward, change their color and then have your Pikmin start retrieving the Nuggets.


Head to the central area with the Mock Bottom, Cupid's Grenade, and other fallen fruits and pluck the Purple Pikmin while also changing their color. After plucking them, defeat the enemy and retrieve the surrounding fruits.

After that, while retrieving the fruit in the southern area with Purple Pikmin, change the remaining Pikmin to Winged Pikmin and have them retrieve the fruit over the water. During this, try having the Purple Pikmin retrieve the fruits in the western area as well.

3: Work to Retrieve Fruits and Nuggets

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Split into two groups and retrieve all the remaining Nuggets, Dawn Pustules and other fruits. We recommend having one leader on standby by the starting area in order to assist with retrieving Pikmin.

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