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Pikmin Reunion Platinum Medal Walkthrough and How to Unlock

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A walkthrough for the Pikmin Reunion Side Story in Pikmin 3 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch. This guide will show tips and strategy for getting a platinum medal in this mission, as well as how to unlock Pikmin Reunion, the first mission in Olimar's Comeback.

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- Creature Hunting

Pikmin Reunion General Info

Mission Info

Mission Name Day 1: Pikmin Reunion
Objective Collect Pikmin!
Time Limit 8:00
Clear Condition Earn at least a Bronze Medal

How to Unlock Pikmin Reunion

Unlocked after completing Story Mode

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In order to unlock Day 1: Pikmin Reunion and all subsequent side stories in Olimar's Comeback, you'll first need to complete the main story. For a complete walkthrough of the story, see the guide below.

Story Mode Walkthrough

Pikmin Reunion Walkthrough

Pikmin Reunion Key Points
CheckmarkTake the enemies out first

CheckmarkCarry pellets with Pikmin of the same color

CheckmarkWatch out for hidden Pikmin

CheckmarkPluck all new Pikmin

Take the enemies out first

Take out the enemies.jpg

If you don't get these enemies out of the way, they will try and attack while your Pikmin are doing something. Bringing enemy remains will also increase your Pikmin, so kill two birds with one stone and defeat the enemies you come across.

Pikmin Types | How to Get More Pikmin

Carry pellets with Pikmin of the same color

Same colored pellet.jpg

When using Pikmin to color pellets of the same color, the amount of Pikmin created will increase. Check out the pellets beforehand, and have the appropriate Pikmin type carry each one, or else it will be impossible to get a Platinum medal.

Watch out for hidden Pikmin

Check all areas.jpg

In Pikmin Reunion, you'll sometimes pass by pellets or buried Pikmin in hard to see areas, like underneath leaves. Keep your eyes peeled for any glowing from Pikmin, or pellets for the taking. If you make sure to move your pointer around a lot, you will have the option to lock onto pellets, making it easier to find hidden ones.

Pluck all new Pikmin

Pluck all new Pikmin.jpg

In order to have the new Pikmin obtained from enemy remains or pellets added to your score, you have to pluck them from the ground. If a leader is idle near the onion, they will pluck them automatically, so you can make use of the Go Here command and have Olimar or Louie head back to pluck everytime a new batch is made.

Additionally, you can throw a leader at a patch of unplucked Pikmin to make them start pulling them from the ground instantly!

All Side Stories

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- Creature Hunting

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