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This is a guide to defeating the Scornet Maestro, a boss in Pikmin 3 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn tips and strategy for beating the Scornet Maestro boss found in the Twilight River without losing any of your Pikmin! A no Pikmin deaths video walkthrough is also included.

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Boss Guide: How to Beat All Bosses

Scornet Maestro Video Walkthrough

This video shows one method of defeating the Scornet Maestro with 0 Pikmin deaths!

How to Beat the Scornet Maestro

Battle Overview

These steps are the premise of battling with the Scornet Maestro, the boss of the Twilight River. Defeating it allow you to save the Hocotatian and recover a Seed Hive.

For this battle, winged pikmin are absolutel essential, so bring a lot with you (30 to 40 should be plenty). Red pikmin and rock pikmin are also good choices for their damage output, so bring several of each. Using ultra-spicy spray will also make charging much more effective, so stocking up beforehand is in your best interest. Lastly, if you don't have it yet, you should make sure to get the Dodge Whistle before the battle.

Dodge the stream of scornets command your winged pikmin to charge at the Scornet Maestro

Dodge the scornet attacks and have your winged pikmin charge at it.png

The Scornet Maesto commands a fleet of scornets to attack, rather than attacking directly. The main trick of this battle is to wait for it to send its scornets at you, dodge them with the Dodge Whistle or by avoiding them, then having your winged pikmin charge at it to take it down.

Have your other pikmin charge at it when it falls

Charge your other pikmin at it when it falls

When your winged pikmin charge at the Scornet Maestro, they will bring it down to the ground. At this point, you should have your remaining pikmin charge forward at it to attack and deal even more damage.

Watch its eyes to know when it will attack

Scornet Maestro charging.png

You can tell when the scornets are about to charge at you by looking at their eyes. Right before they come for you, their eyes will turn red, and the buzzing sound will grow louder, so use the Dodge Whistle right as you see this to avoid an attack.

If the scornets do manage to catch any of your pikmin, they will carry them around in a circle for a bit, before killing them. If you plan to beat this boss without any casualties, be sure to target these scornets with a rock pikmin (or any other type) and take them down to save your captive pikmin.

Don't attack before it has fired off its scornets!

Dont attack before the scornets rush at you.png

If you try and charge forward before the Scornet Maestro has finished its attack, your pikmin will be deflected. Wait until the Scornet Maestro attacks, then as soon as the last scornet is out of the way, have your winged pikmin all charge at once.

Dodge the line formation and attack afterward

Get out of the way for the line formation.png

Once the Scornet Maestro's HP goes below 50%, it will have the scornets attack in a formation that consists of five horizontal lines. When this happens, you won't have a lot of room to run, but if you make efficient use of the Dodge Whistle to get to the outer edge of the area, you should be able to dodge each wave of scornets.

Use the dodge whistle to ecape the ring

Use the dodge whistle to get out of the ring.png

Once it is almost defeated, the Scornet Maestro will have the scornets encompass you and your pikmin in a ring. You can use the Dodge Whistle to slips through the breaks in the ring, which will allow everyone to escape.

Alternatively, use rock pikmin (or another type) to kill a few scornets so there is space to pass, then exit and call your pikmin to follow.

Scornet Maestro Defeat Bosses! Mission

Mission Information

How to Unlock Defeat the Scornet Maestro in the Story Mode
Time Limit 10 Minutes
Pikmin Types Red Pikmin / Rock Pikmin / Winged Pikmin

Prioritize collecting Winged Pikmin first

To get a faster clear time in the Defeat Bosses! Mission, you'll need to pluck the Winged Pikmin in the area. Winged Pikmin have the important job of knocking down the Scornet Maestro to the ground, so it's more important to pluck them over other Pikmin types. Use the time before the Scornet Maestro sends its scornets at you to increase your squad size.

Don't attack until the Scornet Maestro's attack ends

In both the mission and story mode, you'll need to wait until after the Scornet Maestro sends its scornets at you to make an attack. As soon as you dodge the last scornet wave, have your Winged Pikmin charge to bring it down, then have all other Pikmin charge at it. Doing this twice should be enough to win.

Like in the story, you can use the Dodge Whistle, so make use of it when avoiding the waves of scornet attacks.

Defeat Bosses! Missions List and Platinum Medal Guide

Scornet Maestro Basic Information

General Information
Scornet Maestro ImageScornet Maestro
Locations Twilight River
Weight (Pikmin Amt.) Min: 10
Max: 20
Seeds (Pikmin Created) 50
Feeding Bomb Rocks Ineffective White Pikmin Ineffective
Basic Strategy This huge creature is a boss in the Twilight River. Wait until it commands its Scornets to charge before charging it back with Winged Pikmin. If you have enough Winged Pikmin, the Maestro will fall down and become vulnerable from other Pikmin types.

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Boss Guide: How to Beat All Bosses

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