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Silver Lake Remix Platinum Medal Walkthrough (Collect Treasure!)

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Silver Lake Remix Platinum Medal Walkthrough

A guide to obtaining the platinum medal for the Collect Treasure! Mission: Silver Lake Remix in Pikmin 3 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch. This guide will walk you through how to clear the mission and earn a platinum medal!

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Silver Lake Remix Video Walkthrough

Note that the video above contains Japanese text. Please be patient while we work on creating an English one!

Silver Lake Remix Tips and Strategy

Effectively use the Bomb Rocks

Image #1.jpeg

Effectively using Bomb Rocks will be the key in Silver Lake Remix. Defeating enemies with Bomb Rocks is fast, so in positions use a Bomb Rock to effeciently perform tasks.

Efficiently Divide Labor and Retrieve Fruit

Image #2.jpeg
Splitting up work in this stage is very important. There are especially areas in the beginning where you can be completely stumped, so split your jobs into teams in order to swiftly solve problems. Be sure to also incorporate splitting up work when retrieving fruit which are the Citrus Lump, Juicy Gaggle, Dusk Pustules, Sunseed Berry, Insect Condo, Tremendous Sniffer, and Dapper Blob.

Silver Lake Remix Platinum Medal Walkthrough

1: Gather Pikmin and Split up Work

Image #3.jpeg


First, have Alph gather up the Red Pikmin in front of him and then throw Charlie towards the center of the map where the Rock Pikmin are located. After that, bring the Red Pikmin to the electric gate and have them perform a charge attack on the nearby egg.


After Charlie has retrieved the Rock Pikmin, have him throw them at the floating enemy to defeat it. Afterward, retrieve the Rock Pikmin and use the Go Here feature to head to the bottom of the northern bridge near the starting area. Once arriving, defeat the Medusal Slurker with the Rock Pikmin.


Have Brittany pluck all the nearby Pikmin and then split into two teams to dig out the nearby fruits.

2: Continue Exploration

Image #4.jpeg


After having let the Red Pikmin bloom, head west and throw some Pikmin after the snow pile near the rubble pieces. Have the remaining Pikmin perform a charge attack on the rubble to start transporting it. After that, perform the Go Here function to the area where the Rock Pikmin. After arriving, destroy the nearby crystal and use a charge attack to have the Rock Pikmin start working on the Nuggets.


After retrieving the Medusal Slurker with the Yellow Pikmin, use the Go Here function to head towards Alph and the area with crystal. Have the Rock Pikmin charge at the egg and after then have bloomed destroy the nearby crystal.

During this time, the Yellow Pikmin will just be returning, so interrupt their retrieval task and have them charge attack the electric gate. While the Rock Pikmin are digging up the fruit and Nuggets, throw a few at the Bomb Rocks to retrieve it.

3: Begin Taking Down Enemies and Collecting Fruits

Image #5.jpeg


Use the Go Here function and head towards the bottom of the northern bridge with the Rock Pikmin that are holding the Bomb Rocks. After arriving, throw a Bomb Rock at each Arctic Cannon Larva and take it out. Task the remaining Pikmin with digging up the items buried in snow. Also, destroy the crystal located on the right-hand side. During these jobs, pluck the Yellow Pikmin nearby.


After destroying the electric gate, call back your Yellow Pikmin and retrieve the fruit and enemies in front of you. After throwing your Pikmin use the Go Here function to head back towards the starting area and call back any nearby Pikmin. After throwing a few Pikmin at the snow pile located on the right-hand side of the starting area, use the Go Here function to head west towards a large fruit.

4: Continue Fruit Retrieval and Exploration

Image #6.jpeg

Have Alph call back the Red Pikmin that had gathered the rubble pieces, and, at the same time, head towards the northern electric wall after retrieving the Rock Pikmin that had gathered the Nuggets. Defeat the Arctic Cannon Larva in front of you and have the Pikmin perform a charge attack on the rubble pieces.

After they have finished gathering the pieces, break the nearby crystal and have all your Pikmin retrieve the Nuggets.


Have Charlie head towards the electric gate on the right side with Yellow Pikmin and throw them at the electric gate. After destroying it, use the Go Here function and head towards the starting area.


After arriving, knock the fruit up above down with Yellow Pikmin and, without retrieving the fruit, have them all charge at Nuggets in front of you to start collecting them.

5: Continue with the Finishing Retrieval Work

Image # 7.jpeg


After destroying the electric gate, throw Yellow Pikmin at the nearby fruit and hole. While this is happening begin plucking the Purple Pikmin. After this, take all your Pikmin and head towards the area where the Arctic Cannon Larva was defeated. Throw 3 Bomb Rocks at enemies and defeat them.

Use the remaining Pikmin to start digging and retrieving fruit.

Charlie & Brittany

Use Charlie and Brittany to finish retrieving the nearby fruits, enemies, and Nuggets. With this, you will complete your work in the level.

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