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This is a guide on obtaining the Bare-Knuckled Badge in Pikmin 3 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn how to punch a wild creature into submission and get the badge!

How to Punch a Wild Creature

Leave All Pikmin

Dispersing Pikmin.jpg

You can only perform a punch using a leader if you are alone in your squad. To do this, you can throw all the Pikmin in your squad somewhere else or simply use your whistle to disperse them by holding Y and selecting the whistle option.

Press the Throw Button

Punching a Female Sheargrub.jpg

Once you are alone, you can now perform a punch attack, although this action cannot be done whenever you want as you have to be in front of something punchable.

Since a captain's punch only has a small range, you need to approach an enemy first then press A to punch, like how you throw a Pikmin.

Punching a Pellet Posy.jpg

You can also perform punches to other objects such as Nectar Eggs and Pellet Posies, but considering the punches' range and damage, having a Pikmin deal with these is more efficient.

How to Get the Bare-Knuckled Badge

Badge How to Obtain
Badge ImageBare-Knuckled Punch a wild creature into submission.

This badge can be obtained as early as Day 1.

Play through the tutorial until you're playing as Alph. Rebuild the bridge using the Red Pikmin, cross to the other side, and turn left. You'll encounter some Female Sheargrubs which have a relatively small health.

All Badges and How to Unlock

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