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This is a guide to the different types of pikmin and their abilities in Pikmin 3 Deluxe for Nintendo Switch. Learn the strengths of each pikmin type, where they are found, and how to make them stronger!

What Are Pikmin?

Friendly creatures that help the protagonists

Pikmin Deluxe 3

Pikmin are non-hostile creatures that live on a planet called PNF-404. They are indispensable to the player and help them with advancing the story. There are various types of Pikmin, and each color has its own characteristics. Knowing their differences is the key to playing the game efficiently.

Pikmin easily perish


Pikmin are fragile creatures that can be easily killed. Make sure to treat your Pikmin with care. However, different colored Pikmin have different characteristics, as well as strengths. Some Pikmin are fire resistant, while others can breathe underwater, so it's important to pick the right Pikmin for each task.

Generally Deadly for Pikmin

Causes of Death Combat, Sunset, Flame, Water, Electric Shock, Explosion, Poison

Pikmin Types

Types, Abilities, and Location of Pikmin.

Type Abilities/Locations
Red PikminRed Pikmin Abilities
- Fire Resistant
- Highest attack power of all Pikmin
Tropical Wilds
Rock PikminRock Pikmin Abilities
- Can easily break hard objects
- Immune to being stomped or trampled
Garden of Hope
Yellow PikminYellow Pikmin Abilities
- Immune to Electricity
- Can be thrown higher than other Pikmin
Distant Tundra
Feather PikminWinged Pikmin Abilities
-Can easily attack flying enemies
- Can move above water
Twilight River
Blue PikminBlue Pikmin Abilities
- Only Pikmin that can move underwater
- Can perform all actions within the water
Garden of Hope
White PikminWhite Pikmin Abilities
- Attacks with poison
- Pikmin with fastest movement speed
Mission Mode and Bingo Battle
Purple PikminPurple Pikmin Abilities
- Heavyweight Pikmin that can deal high damage
- Slowest movement speed in Pikmin
Mission Mode and Bingo Battle

White and purple Pikmin do not appear in story mode

The White Pikmin and Purple Pikmin do not appear in the Story Mode. They will only appear when you attempt Bingo Battles and do Mission Mode.

How to Get More Pikmin

Have pikmin carry pellets or enemy remains to the Onion

Pikmin Onion

The basic rule is that the amount of Pikmin you have can be increased by carrying a nutrient source to their nest, called an Onion. Nutrient sources can be transported remotely by throwing the Pikmin at them, so you do not need to worry about controlling them.

Your Pikmin are defenseless while carrying items

Pikmin are completely unprotected while transporting enemy remains and other miscellaneous items. Make sure that the hauling route is safe so that a Pikmin in the middle of a trip does not perish on the way back to the Onion.

Collect pellets and increase your Pikmin.

Pikmin Pellet

You can increase your Pikmin by attacking plants that carry pellets, found growing throughout all areas, and collecting them. You can throw Pikmin directly at the pellets and they will harvest and transport them automatically. We recommend making it a habit of throwing Pikmin at them whenever you find them.

The color of the pikmin seeds created is dependent on the pikmin who carry a pellet. The seeds created will the same as whichever type was most abundant. If a pellet is carried by pikmin that are the same color as it is, bonus seeds will be made.

Defeating enemies for nutrient sources.

Pikmin Enemies

You can also increase Pikmin by using fallen enemies for nutrients. When you find an enemy in the area, be wary of its strength before attempting combat. If you win, their fallen bodies can supply the Pikmin Onion with nutients to make more seeds.

The color of the pikmin seeds created is dependent on the pikmin who carry it. The seeds created will the same as whichever type was most abundant.

How to Make Pikmin Stronger

Pikmin go through three stages of evolution

Pikmin Evolution

Pikmin evolve in this order:

Leaves-> Buds-> Flowers"

As your Pikmin evolve their movement speed will increase. This helps increase their efficiency with tasks and speeds up your progress in-game.

Keep in mind, however, that evolving your Pikmin does not improve their attack damage, so it doesn't really matter if they have matured prior to a battle with a tougher foe.

Pikmin left buried grow on their own

Buried Pikmin

Pikmin that are left buried near the onion can evolve on their own, granted that either you or one unoccupied Pikmin is standing near them. Since you'll need your party leaders to progress through the story, the best thing to do is just leave multiple pikmin nearby. If you leave pikmin buried and come back the next day, they will have grown automatically.

Use the nectar found in eggs

Defeating enemies or destroying eggs can cause a yellow nectar to follow out.

Your Pikmin grow instantly by consuming the nectar from these eggs. We recommend you break these eggs immediately and let your Pikmin consume them, as it will speed up your work significantly.

Using the Ultra-Spicy Spray

Pikmin Ultra Spicy Spray

Ultra-Spicy Spray is an item that can be used to increase the movement speed and attack speed of Pikmin for about 30 seconds. It will come in handy in a tight spot and can heavily turn the tide of battle in your favor.

You can make 1 Ultra-Spicy Spray by collecting 10 Berries from a Burgeoning Spiderwort plant, or finding a concentrate extract.

Color can be changed with Candypop Buds

Plants called Candypop Buds grow in various parts of the world. If you throw Pikmin at the Candypop Buds, they will sprout Pikmin seeds that match the color of their petals.

The Candy Pop Buds are pretty useful in a tight spot, especially when you don't want to walk all the way back to base for a single Pikmin. We recommend you utilize Candypop Buds to save time!

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