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Bingo Battle Strategy: How to Win in Bingo Battle

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How to Win in Bingo Battle

This is a walkthrough for the Bingo Battle mode of Pikmin 3 Deluxe on the Nintendo Switch. All Bingo Battle items, options, and Bingo Battle rules can be found here. For tips and tricks on how to win in Bingo Battle, read on!

What is Bingo Battle?

A Battle Mode for 2 Players

Bingo Battle Start Screen

Bingo Battle is a mode where 2 players battle it out to see who can fill in thier Bingo Card first by retrieving fruits and enemies. Unlike Story Mode, battle strategy is required in Bingo Battle, allowing players to experience different ways to enjoy Pikmin.

Win by Filling in 1 Row of your Bingo Card

Bingo Battle Team Win

The rules are the same as regular bingo. You win if you can align any one of the diagonal, vertical, or horizontal rows. The order on the Bingo Card changes everytime you play, so you must decide what order to defeat enemies and retrieve fruit in.

Losing All your Pikmin or Having a Leader's Health Drop to 0 will Result in Defeat

Losing all of your Pikmin or having a leader's health drop to 0 will result in defeat during Bingo Battle. The chance of losing all your Pikmin is particularly high in the beginning since you have few Pikmin numbers, so it is best to avoid agressive attacks.

There are 12 Maps in Total

There are 12 maps in total for Bingo Battle. There are also 3 different layouts of enemies and fruits for each map. In total, there are 36 different map patterns.

Bingo Battle Maps

Shaded Terrace Stagnant Sea Twisted Cavern
Arid Metropolis Rusted Labryinth Jigsaw Fortress
Blooming Terrace Parched Brook Buried Pond
Sandbox Kingdom Corroded Maze Jigsaw Colloseum

3 Options Offer a Variety of Ways to Play

Bingo Battle Settings Screen Image #1

You can enjoy Bingo Battle in more ways by changing the settings from the options menu. You can intensify your collisions with you opponent by changing the settings and adding handicaps to affect your play style.

Options Contents and Features

Options Features
Victory Macaroon Adds a condition where if your opponent retrieves your Macaroon back into their Onion, they win
Battle Type You can choose between having 1 or 2 leaders
Number of Pikmin Adjust your starting number of Pikmin up to 50

Acquire Badges for Meeting Conditions

If you can fufill the required conditions in Bingo Battle, you can acquire Badges. There are 6 Badges in total you can acquire from Bingo Battle. For those who wish to collect all the badges, please see the requirements in the page below.

All Badges and How to Unlock

How to Win in Bingo Battle

Immediately Retrieve the Cupid's Grenade (Cherry)

If you happen to find the Cupid's Grenade, retrieve it before your opponent does. If you retrieve an item that is not listed on the Bingo Card, you can receive a strong item.

Actively Use Items

Bingo Battle Items List .png
Actively use the items you have obtained. You can usually only hold 1 item at a time, and you cannot obtain another item until you use the current one.

There is a stock feature that allows you to store several of an item, so there is not need to rush to use it. However, the item can be stocked, so you should use it when you can.

Usable Items

Item Effect
+10 Pikmin Upon usage, 10 Pikmin will emerge from the Onion
+5 Rare Pikmin Upon usage, 5 rare color Pikmin will emerge from the Onion
Lightning The opponent is struck with lightning and is temperarily unable to move
Lucky Marble One slot on the Bingo Card is taken up by a marble
Rock Storm Rocks fall from the sky onto your oppoent
Pikmin that are hit are killed
Ultra-Spicy Spray Power up your Pikmin squad
Enemy Annihilator All the enemies on screen are killed
Large enemies are not included
Bomb Rock Upon usage, a Bomb Rock will appear
Shuffle Randomize the order of your oppenent's Bingo Card
Mine If a leader approaches this mine, it will automatically explode
If can also be activated by the player who placed it, so be careful
Warp The opponent's leader is teleported somewhere on the map
The stolen Macaroon returns to the original position.

Occasionally Consider Interfering with your Opponent

Focusing on obtaining the items on your Bingo Card is good, but also consider interferring with your opponent. It is possible to turn the tide of the battle by using the previously mentioned items or leading your opponent towards enemies.

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