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How to Use Ultra-Spicy Spray: Effects and Where to Obtain

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This is a guide on how to use the Ultra-Spicy Spray found in Pikmin 3 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn more about the effects of Ultra-Spicy Spray, and where to obtain it!


Ultra-Spicy Spray Effects

Greatly Increases Pikmin Movement and Attack speed

Ultra-Spicy Spray Attack Speed

Using the Ultra-Spicy Spray grants a MS and AS boost to your Pikmin. This will allow you to do a lot more damage in battle. Keep this in mind before entering boss battles. The tide of battle can easily turn to your favor if your Pikmin are boosted by Ultra-Spicy spray

Makes Pikmin Bloom

Spray GIF 2.gif

Using the Ultra-Spicy Spray on your Pikmin automatically evolves them to their final form, making them instantly bloom. Pikmin in their final form have a higher Movement Speed when compared to Pikmin that have not bloomed yet, allowing them to work much more efficiently.

Normally you'll need to use nectar to bloom them (or wait for them to bloom by leaving them in the ground), so having them bloom in addition to the attack and speed buff is a very generous effect.

How to Use Ultra-Spicy Spray

You'll first need at least 1 full spray (equal to 10 Ultra-Spicy Berries). Press and hold the Y Button, which will pull up a menu. From there, press the Up Direction on the control stick or D-Pad to spray a dose of Ultra-Spicy Spray.

It will affect all of the Pikmin currently in your party, but none of the ones who are doing tasks or with another leader.

Where to Find Ultra-Spicy Spray

Collect 10 Ultra-Spicy Berries

Ultra-Spicy Berries.jpg

You can make Ultra-Spicy Spray by collecting 10 Ultra-Spicy Berries. Though the amount to collect may sound taxing, keep in mind how much the Ultra-Spicy Spray boosts your Pikmin. That is why when you see an Ultra-Spicy Berry, you should make it a priority to harvest some and have your Pikmin bring it to the S.S. Drake.

You can first access Ultra Spicy Berries in the Distant Tundra, once you reunite Brittany and Alph, and it is found in all areas other than the Formidable Oak.

Can be found by obtaining Ultra-Spicy Nectar

Ultra-Spicy Nectar

There two possible ways of getting Ultra-Spicy nectar:

The is by defeating an enemy called a Red Spectralid. Once beaten, it will drop some Ultra-Spicy Nectar which you can use to immeditately create Ultra-Spicy Spray with.

The second is by finding eggs that contain Ultra-Spicy Nectar in them.

Keep in mind, however, that you cannot get Ultra-Spicy Nectar from the Red Spectralid unless you have already made an Ultri-Spicy Spray prior the encounter with the Red Spectralid. So be sure and harvest some Ultra Spicy Berries the first time you find them!

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