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Save Captain Olimar! Walkthrough

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This is a story walkthrough for Save Captain Olimar! in Pikmin 3 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch. This guide will cover the battle with the Plasm Wrath (the final boss), and rescuing Captain Olimar to complete the story. Read on for tips and strategy!

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Find Captain Olimar!

Save Captain Olimar! Walkthrough

Objectives List

Order Objectives
1 Divide into teams and stand by
2 Attack the Plasm's smaller pieces
3 Use different Pikmin types depending on the Plasm's form
4 Rescue Captain Olimar and leave

1: Divide into teams and stand by

Divide into teams and stand by.png

First divide into two teams before taking out your Pikmin. For the first part of the battle, you only need Rock Pikmin. The Plasm Wraith's attacks don't damage the Rock Pikmin, so they are super useful here, especially if you are going for a no death run.

Grab about 60 Rock Pikmin in one team, and 10 of each other kind of Pikmin in the other group. Head into battle with your Rock Pikmin, while the other team waits near the start.

Plasm Wraith Guide: How to Beat the Final Boss

2: The trick is to attack the Plasm Wraith's smaller pieces

The trick is to attack the Plasms smaller pieces.png

Each time you attack the Plasm Wraith, golden pieces will break off, and attacking them deals damage to it. The fastest way to break down the blobs that fall off is by walking near it and using the Dismiss command, rather than Charge.

If you leave the pieces behind for too long, the Plasm Wraith reabsorbs them and regains HP, so make sure not to leave it lying there.

3: Use different Pikmin types depending on the Plasm's form

Plasm Wraith's Forms
Electric Fire
Water Crystal

After enough of its HP is depleted, the Plasm Wraith will spit up elemental cores. There are four different types, with each one corresponding to one of the Pikmin types (excluding Winged Pikmin). Use the correct Pikmin type to attack the cores, then the golden pieces that fall off afterward.

4: Rescue Captain Olimar and leave

Rescue Captain Olimar and leave.png

After defeating the Plasm Wraith, you'll be able to finally rescue Captain Olimar. Bring Olimar back to the Drake and your crew will be able to return to Koppai.

Congratulations! You have cleared the main story mode.

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