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Stagnant Sea Map and Layouts (Bingo Battle)

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All of the different map layouts for the Stagnant Sea stage of Bingo Battle in Pikmin 3 Deluxe on the Nintendo Switch. Read on to see the map layouts, available Pikmin, and enemies for each level!

Stagnant Sea Map Layouts

Layout 1

Available Pikmin

Pikmin in this Mission
Blue PikminBlue Pikmin

Layout 2

Available Pikmin

Pikmin in this Mission
Rock PikminRock Pikmin Blue PikminBlue Pikmin

Layout 3

Available Pikmin

Pikmin in this Mission
Red PikminRed Pikmin Blue PikminBlue Pikmin

Stagnant Sea Enemies

Yellow Wollywog IconYellow Wollywog Female Sheargrub IconFemale Sheargrub Skutterchuck IconSkutterchuck Wogpole IconWogpole
Desiccated Skitter Leaf IconDesiccated Skitter Leaf Dwarf Bulborbs IconDwarf Bulborbs Swooping Snitchbug IconSwooping Snitchbug Hermit Crawmad IconHermit Crawmad
Water Dumple IconWater Dumple Bulborb IconBulborb Orange Bulborb IconOrange Bulborb Medusal Slurker IconMedusal Slurker
Skitter Leaf IconSkitter Leaf Whiptongue Bulborb IconWhiptongue Bulborb Skeeterskate IconSkeeterskate

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