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How to Get the Face Wrinkler

This is a guide to getting the Face Wrinkler (Lemon), a fruit in Pikmin 3 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch. Learn this fruit's weight, as well as amount of juice and how to obtain it.

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Face Wrinkler Basic Information

Face Wrinkler IconFace Wrinkler
Juice Amount Pikmin Needed to Carry Location
1.5 5 Distant Tundra
Garden of Hope
Tropical Wilds
Brittany's Report
This fruit is so sour that one bite makes my whole face want to climb into my mouth and pull it back out. It's high in Piktamin U, though, so I guess I'll try adding small amounts of the juice to other food. Better food.

How to Get the Face Wrinkler

The First One Can be Obtained in the Garden of Hope

Face Wrinkler #1.jpeg

The first Face Wrinkler can be obtained in the Garden of Hope during the story mission Where's Brittany? Across from the area will Brittany landed are some steps with the fruit at the very top. Throw Brittany and some Pikmin onto the brick below the Face Wrinkler, and then change leaders to her in order to throw the Pikmin to the fruit and retrieve the Face Wrinkler. It can be hard to catch, so be careful not to miss it.

Where's Brittany? Walkthrough

The Second One Can be Obtained in the Tropical Wilds

Face Wrinkler #2 How to Obtain.jpeg
The next Face Wrinkler can be obtained in the Tropical Wilds during the story mission Head to the Formidable Oak! It is buried in the sand in the north area of the map. Unearth it to retrieve it.

There is also a Seed Hive nearby as well, so be sure to retrieve it as well.

The Third One Can be Obtained in the Distant Tundra

Face Wrinkler #3.jpeg

The third Face Wrinkler can be obtained in the Distant Tundra during the story mission Head to the Formidable Oak! It is placed on a plateau that can be reached after walking in the water some. Upon reaching it, use the 5 Blue Pikmin to retrieve it.

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