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Exploration Day 1

A walkthrough for Exploration Day 1 of Pikmin 3 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch. This section will cover the first encounter with Yellow Pikmin and Red Pikmin, and teach you basic controls. Read on for a full list of objectives in Exploration Day 1!

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Exploration Day 1 Walkthrough

List of Objectives

No. Objective
1 Aquire some Pikmin and learn the controls
2 Throw the Pikmin the Spotcaps and Kingcaps to proceed
3 Use the lights from the enemies to proceed through the cave
4 Throw Pikmin to bring down the onion
5 Carry the fragments to build the bridge
6 Pick up the KopPad and check the S.S. Drake's Position
7 Get more Red Pikmin
8 Push the cardboard box
9 Break the dirt wall

Charlie's Crash Site Walkthrough

List of Objectives

No. Objective
1 Aquire some Pikmin and learn the controls
2 Throw the Pikmin the Spotcaps and Kingcaps to proceed
3 Use the lights from the enemies to proceed through the cave

1: Get familiar with the controls

Learn the Controls.jpg

After the opening cutscene ends, you will gain control of Charlie, and a short tutorial will take place. Since there is no time limit during Day 1, you can take your time to familiarize yourself with the controls.

After proceeding forward and to the left, you will come across a large tin can with Yellow Pikmin on it. Simply approach them to learn how to Whistle and Throw them.

2: Break the Spotcaps and Kingcaps blocking your path

Break the Spotcaps and Kingcaps.jpg

With your new Pikmin abilities, throw the Pikmin at the large mushrooms blocking your path to proceed. If you backtrack a bit to where you first started, you can also Whistle to gain the Pikmin that were hanging around there.

Continue knocking out the mushrooms in your path and proceed ahead, making sure to get all 30 Pikmin along the way (10 more are found just before the giant mushroom leading up to the cave).

3: Follow the Lights to Proceed

Use the Lights to Proceeed.jpg

Proceed through the cave, using the glowing spots to light your path. After walking for a few seconds, a cutscene will begin and you will lose control of Charlie.

Alph's Crash Site Walkthrough

List of Objectives

No. Objective
1 Throw Pikmin to bring down the onion
2 Carry the fragments to build the bridge
3 Pick up the KopPad and check the S.S. Drake's Position
4 Get more Red Pikmin
5 Push the cardboard box
6 Break the dirt wall

1: Throw Pikmin to bring down the onion

Throw Pikmin to bring down the onion.jpg

Next, you will take control of Alph, and the tutorial will continue. This section will essentially teach you the basic mechanics of using Pikmin.

Follow the Red Pikmin and you will arrive at an onion stuck in a tree. Whistle for the Pikmin, lock on with ZR, then throw the three Pikmin at the onion to bring it down.

Red Pikmin Abilities and Where to Find

2: Carry the fragments to build the bridge

Move the fragments and fix the bridge.jpg

After pulling the onion down, you should see a nearby bridge that cannot be crossed. Walk to the nearby pile of rubbish and whistle for the fourth Pikmin behind it. Dismiss thr Pikmin by pressing Y+↓, or simply have them charge at the rubble with X to have them begin moving the fragments to the unfinished bridge.

3: Pick up the KopPad and check the S.S. Drake's Position

Get the KopPad and Locate the SS Drake

After completing the bridge, cross it to retrieve the KopPad. This device will allow you to pull up a map, which can then be used to check the S.S. Drake's location. Move up and left to find it.

4: Get more Red Pikmin

Get More Red Pikmin.jpg

After passing the bridge, you'll see a large cardboard box, but it requires 20 Pikmin in order to move. This means you'll first need to gather more Pikmin! Lock on to the nearby flowers with ZR, then throw a Pikmin at each one to have them knock off the pellets and bring them back to the onion. Each time a pellet is brought to the onion, it will create seeds, which can be plucked to increase your total Pikmin.

Here you will encounter four Female Sheargrubs, which do not attack and can be easily defeated. After beating them, your Pikmin can also carry them back to the onion to put out more seeds. Collect the pellets behind them and take them all back to the onion, which should allow you to get a total of 21 Pikmin.

5: Push the cardboard box

Move the Cardboard Box.jpg

With your new army of Pikmin, return to the cardboard box that was blocking your path. Have your Pikmin charge forward to move the box out of the way. Pick up the data file left behind here and proceed forward.

6: Break the dirt wall

Break the Dirt Wall.jpg

Simply continue going forward and you will enter a cave. Inside, you will fine another data file, before encountering a large dirt wall blocking your path. Once again, press X to have your Pikmin charge forward to break the wall. Proceed ahead to find the S.S. Drake, and a transmission from Brittany. Day 1 will then end with Alph consuming a days worth of provisions.

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