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Garden of Hope Map: All Fruit, Enemies, and Data Files

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Garden of Hope Map
A map of Garden of Hope, an area in Pikmin 3 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch. This maps shows all obtainable fruit and data file locations, as well as all enemies and key items that appear in Garden of Hope.

Garden of Hope Map

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Key Items

Key Items
Data Glutton size:250x247Data Glutton


Astringent Clump iconAstringent Clump Dusk Pustules iconDusk Pustules Face Wrinkler iconFace Wrinkler Fire-Breathing Feast iconFire-Breathing Feast
Lesser Mock Bottom iconLesser Mock Bottom Pocked Airhead iconPocked Airhead Scaly Custard iconScaly Custard Searing Acidshock iconSearing Acidshock
Stellar Extrusion iconStellar Extrusion Sunseed Berry iconSunseed Berry Velvety Dreamdrop iconVelvety Dreamdrop Wayward Moon iconWayward Moon
Zest Bomb iconZest Bomb

Fruit List | All Fruit Locations


Armored Mawdad IconArmored Mawdad Bug-Eyed Crawmad IconBug-Eyed Crawmad Quaggled Mireclops IconQuaggled Mireclops Red Spectralid IconRed Spectralid
Skitter Leaf IconSkitter Leaf Sputtlefish IconSputtlefish Toady Bloyster IconToady Bloyster Waddlepus IconWaddlepus
White Spectralid IconWhite Spectralid Yellow Spectralid IconYellow Spectralid

Piklopedia: Complete Enemy and Boss List

Data Files

Pikminology #2 Red Pikmin #1 Red Pikmin #2 Rock Pikmin #1
Rock Pikmin #2 Rock Pikmin #3 Blue Pikmin #1 Blue Pikmin #2
Selecting Pikmin Type Switching Leaders Throwing Leaders Go Here!
Dividing Labor #1 Rescuing from Bubbles Armored Mawdad #1 Armored Mawdad #2
Quaggled Mireclops #1 Quaggled Mireclops #2 Bulborb #1 Bulborb #2
Yellow Wollywog Bug-Eyed Crawmad Hiding With three of us...
A legacy of the past Journal Entry #1 Journal Entry #2 Journal Entry #3
This time for sure! The Pikmin's Song

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