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Silver Lake Platinum Medal Walkthrough (Battle Enemies!)

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Silver Lake Platinum Medal Walkthrough

A guide to obtaining the platinum medal for the Battle Enemies! Mission: Silver Lake in Pikmin 3 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch. This guide will walk you through how to clear the mission and earn a platinum medal!

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Silver Lake Video Walkthrough

Note that the video above contains Japanese text. Please be patient while we work on creating an English one!

Silver Lake Tips and Strategy

Divide Tasks Efficiently

Dividing tasks.jpg

Despite having 3 leaders for this mission, most of the work can be done using only 2 of them. Try dividing the tasks between 2 captains so you don't get overwhelmed by controlling all 3 of them.

Defeating the Burrowing Snagret

Defeating the Burrowing Snagret.jpg

The Burrowing Snagret is the most difficult enemy in this mission. It has a lot of health and can devour your Pikmin quickly. Wait until it pops out then charge it with all your Pikmin.

Silver Lake Platinum Medal Walkthrough

1: Collecting Pikmin

Collecting Pikmin

Have Alph throw Brittany to the Blue Pikmin and Charlie to the Yellow Pikmin on your right. Using Brittany, collect the pellets with the Blue Pikmin then return to the Onion.

Have Charlie transfer the Yellow Pikmin below to Alph then have Alph consume the nectar of one of the eggs before destroying the electric gate.

Control Brittany, get the Blue Pikmin to consume the nectar of the other egg, then destroy the dirt wall.

2: Dividing the Tasks


Defeating Bearded Amprats.jpg

Back to Alph, defeat the two Bearded Amprats and grab the 4 Bomb Rocks.

Go back to the first area and throw the first Bomb Rock at the Arctic Cannon Larva, the second one to the Bulborb, and the third at the other Bulborb on the elevated platform.


Throwing Winged Pikmin.jpg

After the dirt gate is destroyed, pluck the Winged Pikmin with Brittany and have them collect the fragments to repair the bridge. Return her to the first Onion and pluck the Blue Pikmin.

Go past the starting point and defeat all 4 enemies using the Blue Pikmin. Head back to the Onion with their corpses.


Red nectar.jpg

Call in one Yellow Pikmin from Alph then have it break one of the eggs containing red nectar. Collect the nectar to obtain an Ultra-Spicy Spray.

3: Defeating the Burrowing Snagret

Burrowing Snagret battle.jpg

Get Brittany to the east and defeat all Water Dumples.

Using Alph, gather the Winged Pikmin and have them transport the corpses behind the broken electric gate back to the Onion. Throw in a few Yellow Pikmin if they need help.

Walk across the blue bridge and head north until you find a gate. Raise the gate using the Winged Pikmin and enter the area. Throw the last Bomb Rock at the Burrowing Snagret then after the rock explodes, consume an Ultra-Spicy Spray and charge the boss with all your Pikmin until it is defeated.

Now all that's left to do is hunt down the remaining enemies to complete the mission.

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