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How to Get White Pikmin: Abilities and Modes They Appear In

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White Pikmin Guide

This is a guide to White Pikmin and their abilities in Pikmin 3 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch. Learn the abilities and strengths of the White Pikmin, as well as which game modes you can play them in!

Types of Pikmin
Red Pikmin.pngRed Pikmin Rock Pikmin.pngRock Pikmin Yellow Pikmin.pngYellow Pikmin Winged Pikmin.pngWinged Pikmin
Blue Pikmin.pngBlue Pikmin White Pikmin.pngWhite Pikmin Purple Pikmin.pngPurple Pikmin

How to Get More Pikmin

White Pikmin Abilities

Attacks with poison

White Pikmin Poision Attack

The main damage output for White Pikmin is the poison they produce. When eaten by enemies, they produce a poision that damages enemies from within. Their damage output from being thrown or attacking an enemy is rather low, so instead you should let enemies eat them.

Fast movement speed

White Pikmin Movement Speed

White Pikmin have the highest MS in the entire game. It would be an ideal strategy to let White Pikmin carry resources as their innate quick MS will help speed things along.

Game Modes with White Pikmin

Mission Mode and Bingo Battle Only

White Pikmin can only be used when you play Mission Mode or do Bingo Battles. White Pikmin are rare and cannot be spawned through an Onion Nest in the regular story mode.

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Types of Pikmin
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Blue PikminBlue Pikmin White PikminWhite Pikmin Purple PikminPurple Pikmin -


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