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Follow Olimar! Walkthrough

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This is a story walkthrough for Follow Olimar! in Pikmin 3 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch. This guide will cover the section where your fruit is stolen and you first encounter blue pikmin, For fruit locations and strategy, read on!

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Fruit That Can Be Recovered
Pocked Airhead IconPocked Airhead Citrus Lump IconCitrus Lump Searing Acidshock IconSearing Acidshock
Velvety Dreamdrop IconVelvety Dreamdrop

Follow Olimar! Walkthrough

Objectives List

Order Objectives
1 Break the electric gate and recover the fruit
2 Befriend the blue pikmin
3 Gather the Bridge Fragments
4 Break the Electric Gate to the north
5 Take out the enemies in and around the water
6 Recover the fruit

1: Break the electric gate and recover the fruit

Break the electric gate and recover the fruit.png

All of your juice has been stolen , so the first thing you should do is secure some fruit. From the starting point of the level, there is an electric gate to the south, so draw out some Red and Yellow Pikmin. Use the Red Pikmin to take out the nearby enemies while the Yellow Pikmin focus on destroying the electric gate. Dig up the fruit beyond the gate and have your Pikmin recover it.

2: Befriend the blue pikmin

Befriend the blue pikmin.png

Have another leader separate from the previous team set off to encounter the Blue Pikmin. Bring about 10 Rock Pikmin and 20 Winged Pikmin over to this area, and later exploration will be much smoother. Have the Winged Pikmin pull the flukeweed, and you will be able to befriend your first Blue Pikmin.

You'll need several more Blue Pikmin to get the most out of them, so first prioritize bringing all nearby pellets and enemies to the blue onion to make more.

3: Gather the Bridge Fragments

Upper Area Fragments
Fragments in the Water

In order to fix the bridge, you'll need to carry back the bridge fragments from two areas. The fragments found underwater can only be carried by the Blue Pikmin, so increase their numbers to increase your overall efficiency in this area. The bridge fragments found on the surface can be carried by any of your Pikmin.

4: Break the Electric Gate to the north

Break the Electric Gate to the north.png

Have the other leader who is not busy gathering fragments take some Yellow Pikmin and head north to break the electric gate there. Use the Go Here command so you can focus on getting more Blue Pikmin while they head that way. Watch out for the Fiery Blowhog that waits nearby.

5: Take out the enemies in and around the water

Take out the enemies in and around the water.png

After you finish building the bridge, you should take out all nearby enemies both in and out of the water, to make it easier to carry fruit back to the SS Drake. There are four fruit that can be recovered near where the blue onion is found, so clear out the path to make it easier to obtain them all.

6: Recover the fruit

Recover the fruit.jpg

After you finish taking out all of the nearby enemies, all that is left is carrying all of the fruit back. Since Louie took everything, you won't have any kind of juice buffer, so gathering up a lot of fruit will make the next few days much less stressful. Even if you cannot recover all the fruit on this day, recover as much as possible and bring the others near the SS Drake so it can be quickly recovered on a subsequent day.

You need 8 Winged Pikmin to lift the Clipboard & recover the Velvety Dreamdrop

You need 8 Winged Pikmin to lift the Clipboard.png

The fruit located to the south area can be carried after opening the clipboard, so you'll need at least 8 pikmin to get it open. If you are low on time or available Pikmin, you can always leave it and use Go Here to come back on another day.

Recover the Pocked Airhead

Recover the Pocked Airhead.png

The Pocked Airhead can be found buried in the ground. You need to unearth it so you may retrieve it. We wary that there is a Bulborb, 2 Dwarf Bulborbs, and the Fiery Blowhog your way. Defeating these enemies are crucial in safely transporting the fruit back to the Drake.

Recover the Citrus Lump near the tiles

Recover the Citrus Lump near the tiles.png

This Citrus Lump can be obtained near the area with tiles that are submerged underwater. You need to use at least 5 Blue Pikmin to transport it back to the Drake.

Recover the Searing Acidshock by the tiles

Recover the Searing Acidshock by the tiles.png

The Searing Acidshock can be obtained once you fixed the briudge. The fruit is encased in crystal near the southwestern area that has tiles on the ground, use Rock Pikmin to break the fruit free. Be wary of the Waddlepus lurking nearby, make sure to defeat it before transporting the fruit.

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