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How to Call Pikmin

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This is a guide on how to call Pikmin in Pikmin 3 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn more about the different ways to call your Pikmin!

How to Call Pikmin

Calling your Pikmin is an essential part of Pikmin 3 Deluxe. Here are the different methods on how to call Pikmin.

With the Whistle

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Your leaders are all equipped with a whistle on their spacesuits, this is what they use to call Pikmin. You can call your Pikmin by aiming your Left Analog Stick on a Pikmin not currently in your squad and pressing the B Button. Doing so will form a blue ring on the ground and call any wayward Pikmin automatically join your squad.

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If you whistle in a short burst, this will command all idle Pikmin to join your squad but not the Pikmin that are doing tasks.

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If you hold the B Button longer, this will create a longer whistle, calling busy Pikmin and having them stop what they are doing.

This will also increase the range of the whistle, calling Pikmin from a wider radius and higher (or lower) areas.

Saving Pikmin in Danger.jpg

Using the whistle, you can also call Pikmin that are in danger back to your squad.

With the SS. Drake

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If your leaders are too spread out or if you get busy with objectives, you might leave a Pikmin or two idle somewhere. That is where the S.S. Drake comes in handy. You can get close to the S.S. Drake and have the option to assemble all Pikmin currently not within your squad. You can choose to activate this by pressing the A Button.

Call Pikmin Closer to The Onion.jpg

Doing so will give you a messege prompt, asking if you want to proceed. If you choose the Call Back option, this will call all of the Pikmin, even if they are busy, and have them return close to the Onion.

Drake Signal.jpg

The S.S. Drake will then emit a large pinging signal, which looks like a blue circle similar to a leader's whistle, that covers the entire map.

Your leader will have two types of dialogue when you do this:

All Pikmin are in Your Squad.jpg

The first one is they will say that all Pikmin are okay and confirm that there are none outside your squad.

Worried Alph.jpg

The second one is they will hope the Pikmin are okay and ask you to check the radar for the stray Pikmin.

From the Onion

Calling Pikmin in the Onion.jpg

You can call Pikmin to join your squad from within the Onion by getting close to it and pressing the A Button.

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