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Endings Guide: How to Get the Best Ending

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This is a guide to the different endings in Pikmin 3 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch. Know more about all possible endings and how to get the best ending below!

Pikmin 3 Endings

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The ending that you will get after defeating the game's final boss will be determined by how much fruit you have gathered in PNF-404.

You can check how many fruits you have gathered so far either by selecting the save file or in the daily report which is done at the end of each day.

How to Get the Bad Ending

Bad ending.jpg

If you only retrieved less than half of the fruits in PNF-404 (32 fruits or less) at the end of the story, you'll get the bad ending with this narrative:

Though not entirely satisfied, the explorers manage to secure a modest supply of edible matter for their home planet.

Yet, still they wonder: Can this handful of seeds really bring salvation to the people of Koppai?

Even if they carefully cultivate the seeds they've harvested, it may not be enough to support the entire population.

This thought hovers over the explorers as they embark on their journey home. Along with their cargo, they carry with them a sense of unease.

How to Get the Good Ending

Good ending.jpg

To get the good ending, you must gather most of the fruits in PNF-404 (33 to 65 fruits) before finishing the story. Doing so will give you this narrative at the end:

And so the interpid explorers succeed in securing a reasonable supply if edible matter for their home planet.

If they carefully cultivate the seeds they've harvested, it just may bring salvation to the people of Koppai.

However, if they once again squander their resources, salvation may only be temporary.

But fate will decide whether history repeats itself...

How to Get the Best Ending

Best ending.jpg

If you managed to complete the mission by grabbing all the edible fruits in PNF-404 (66 fruits), you'll get the best ending with this narrative:

And so the interpid explorers successfully complete their mission!

After securing a bountiful supply of edible matter and learning the valuable lessons of "planning" and "teamwork," the explorers are set to become the saviors of their home planet.

Under their guidance, the seeds they've recovered will be used to kick off a sustainable cycle of cultivation and harvesting, thus bringing new life to Koppai.

However, one question remains. What was the cause of the accident that sent the S.S. Drake hurtling to PNF-404's surface?

Perhaps it wasn't an accident after all...

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