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Baldy Long Legs: Locations, Weight, and How to Defeat

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This is a guide to defeating the Baldy Long Legs, a type of indigenous life (enemy) in Pikmin 3 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn this creature's locations, weight, Pikmin seeds created, as well as whether or not it is effected by Bomb Rocks and White Pikmin poison, and more!

Baldy Long Legs Basic Information

General Information
Baldy Long Legs ImageBaldy Long Legs
Locations Information Currently Unavailable
Weight (Pikmin Amt.) Cannot be carried Seeds (Pikmin Created) Cannot be used to create Pikmin
Feeding Bomb Rocks Ineffective White Pikmin Ineffective
Basic Strategy This creature does not appear in Story Mode and are only encountered in Missions and Bingo Battle. It is the same as the Shaggy Long Legs minus the hair, obviously, so you can also defeat it by throwing your Pikmin at its main body.

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