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Silver Lake Platinum Medal Walkthrough

A guide to obtaining the platinum medal for the Collect Treasure! Mission: Silver Lake in Pikmin 3 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch. This guide will walk you through how to clear the mission and earn a platinum medal!

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Silver Lake Map

Silver Lake MapEnlarge

Silver Lake Video Walkthrough

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Silver Lake Tips and Strategy

Breaking the Electric Gates

Breaking second electric gate.jpg

Timing when to break the electric gate is very important. Keep in mind that there are very few Yellow Pikmin in this mission, and they carry an important task.

Make Sure to Collect Buried Fruits

Digging second set of fruits.jpg

Fruits can be found buried in the area behind one of the electric gates. While doing other tasks, try sending some Pikmin to dig the fruits and bring them back to the Onion.

Silver Lake Platinum Medal Walkthrough

1: Divide Into 3 Groups


Breaking first dirt wall.jpg

First, gather the Pikmin nearby and have them charge and destroy the dirt wall on the west side.

Throwing other leaders.jpg

While they're busy, go south and throw Brittany into the water on the east side and Charlie over to the area with the Insect Condo, Face Wrinkler, Cupid's Grenade, and Sunseed Berry.


Plucking Blue Pikmin.jpg

As soon as she lands, move her to the Blue Pikmin, pluck them, and defeat all 4 Skeeterskates in the area.

White Pikmin.jpg

Collect as many fruits and enemies as you can with the Blue Pikmin then pluck the nearby White Pikmin.


Digging first set of fruits.jpg

Pluck the Yellow Pikmin and immediately have them dig the fruits in the area, 3 Pikmin each on the first 3 fruits then 2 Pikmin each on the last 2 fruits.

Destroying first electric gate.jpg

After digging, regroup the Pikmin and destroy the electric gate.

2: Start Collecting Fruits

Since tasks are divided into groups, it is best to make use of the Go Here function by opening the map to move leaders around faster.


Purple Pikmin gathering.jpg

After the dirt wall breaks, pluck the Purple Pikmin and have each of them carry the heavier fruits while the Blue Pikmin carry the lighter ones.

Fixing the bridge.jpg

Gather the idle Pikmin and have them rebuild the bridge ahead.

Idle Purple Pikmin.jpg

With the Blue and Purple Pikmin, cross the bridge and throw all Purple Pikmin near the electric gate for later.


Gathering nuggets.jpg

Throw White Pikmin to the pile of nuggets behind you (ignore the pile of 30 nuggets for now), 4 White Pikmin on the nearest pile of 20 nuggets then 3 on the other 4 piles. Afterward, meet Alph near the bridge.


Breaking second electric gate.jpg

As soon as the first electric gate breaks, destroy the electric gate near the bridge with the Yellow Pikmin.

Digging second set of fruits.jpg

Immediately after the gate breaks, have the Yellow Pikmin dig the snow, pluck the Purple Pikmin in the area and have them help gather the fruits beneath.

Returning to first area.jpg

Bring the excess Pikmin with you back to the area where you plucked the Yellow Pikmin.

3: Collecting Majority of Resources

At this point, you should be prepared to gather most fruits and nuggets found all over the map.


Throwing over to Blue Pikmin.jpg

Throw Brittany over to the Blue Pikmin on the elevated platform and have them plucked. While she's at it, throw the Pikmin you have to the remaining Skeeterskates or fruits on the water.

Destroying submerged dirt gate.jpg

After Brittany is done plucking the Pikmin, gather all of them and charge the submerged dirt wall.


Helping Alph.jpg

Go back to the Onion and gather all idle Blue Pikmin there then throw them to the other side of the dirt wall you just destroyed so they can help with the gathering.

Throw some Pikmin in the water east of the Onion to gather the submerged resources.

When more idle Pikmin comes, group them and start gathering the pile of 30 nuggets that you left earlier.


Start gathering the resources in the area. Throw the Purple Pikmin to the fruits and the others to the stick so they can reach the pile of nuggets.

4: Final Push

Final Push.jpg

Have Alph gather all the resources in the last underwater area while having Brittany throw in some Pikmin to help.

Finally, check the map for other resources that you might have missed and bring some idle Pikmin to get them. If everything went smoothly, you only need to wait for the resources to arrive at the Onion for the Platinum Medal.

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